Monday, April 17, 2006

Shimon Peres Ordered to Pay Fine

From David Rutstein in Tel Aviv:

Hello friends,

Shimon Peres is ordered by Judge Dalia Mark to pay 3,000 shekels as punishment for the Peres' motion to throw out the slander case.

Just as I mentioned from the court date on March 1st, Shimon Peres is in big trouble. The best thing that Shimon Peres can do at this time is write me a check for $50,000 and find himself a nice cellmate in jail. So Shimon, you might as well pack your bags because you are going to jail before you know it.

Many Israeli's think I am talking nonsense. The Israelis say "you can't sue Shimon Peres", "Shimon Peres will never go to jail for the Rabin murder." Maybe being raised on the American system of "Justice for all", I am optimistic.

The target date for this issue to explode is this November, and one very nice woman named Helene just sent $100 to help make that happen, thank you Helene.

Shimon Peres loses is the link where you can find the original documents in Hebrew of the Judge's decision which are online at the Israel court system web site.

All the Best,

David Rutstein

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