Sunday, May 14, 2006

Yitzhak Rabin Reader Responses

I really do not understand why anyone should care who murdered Rabin. Rabin was the architect of Oslo, Oslo was bad for us. G-d is the one who decrees who should live and who should die on Rosh Hashanah, it was ordained on high that Rabin should die and so he did. What difference does it make who killed. If Yigal Amir is innocent then Hashem wants him in jail as well or he would not be there.

Peres I have been told is not Jewish so you cannot expect anything from him. Neither is Sharon and neither is Olmert or Rafi Eitan. Why do we have these non-Jewish leaders in the State of Israel, Hashem is punishing us for assimilating that is why.

Do not worry about this when it is time for Peres to go, and Olmert to go and anyone else to go, Hashem will dispense with them."

The lying "peace process" began before that when Sinai was given away, Madrid, etc. There are reports he began to have a change of heart and was attending private religious studies. It appears he was murdered for refusing to go along any further with those out to betray Israel to foreign powers. G-d knows.

I don't accept such fatalism. We have choices we can make as a nation and individuals.

I certainly believe Hashem is punishing all the Israelite countries (Anglo-Saxon and Israel) with bad leaders, but to conveniently pretend all bad leaders aren't Jewish appears to be in denial. There are rotten Jews, just as there are rotten goyim.

How do you know Hashem hasn't chosen this work to help them to go? He works in and through and for folks at the same time, eh?

Screw Rabin yemach shemo vezikhro!! He can rot in Gehennom.
Rabin murdered the brave Jews of the Altalena and shook hands with Arafat on the White House lawn!!
The only reason the truth should be exposed is to indict Peres and the rest of the Jewish traitors and in doing so save Israel from ultimate destruction."

Sounds good enough! That's my belief exactly.

Shalom dear David,
keep up the good work.

Toda raba,

Shavua tov!

Shalom, David !
As you know I am the owner and founder of USA Exposure and I am deeply indebted to you for the contributions you have made to our forum.

I believe as you do that the present government of Israel does not protect or serve the Israeli people nor does it act as an independent body but as an extension of various foreign powers. thus I do not believe Israel acts as a sovereign power even though it probably possesses 200 hydrogen bombs.

What individuals and organizations comprise what you believe to be the German Jesuit conspiracy, please name names and document details, and post to our web site.

Thank you,
David Grossack

Thank you. My various articles, as well as Barry Chamish's and others, mention Shimon Peres' visits and wheeling and dealing with the Vatican and Europe. I'm sure more will soon come to light as the heat is on!


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