Saturday, August 12, 2006

Ehud Olmert & Kadima must go!

The Worst Government in the History of Israel

by Naomi Ragen

We finished a quiet Sabbath in the relative safety of
Jerusalem, only to check the news and find out the
heartbreaking news that seven more Israeli soldiers have
been killed and eight-four injured in the worst-led war in Israel's history.
In addition, the government who interfered with the
military (i.e.go win the war without upsetting CNN and the
BBC), imposing guidelines that have helped get not only our
boys killed left and right, but our civilians as well, has
now decided to accept a Security Council resolution which
ensures that Israel's soldiers and her people have made
their ultimate sacrifice for nothing: our kidnapped soldiers
will not be returned. Hezbollah will not be disarmed. And
Israeli forces will be replaced by some U.N. force and a
bunch of European anti-Semites who will allow Hezbollah to

The full text of the resolution has been published in YNET.
So far, 1,784 Israelis have responded. The overwhelming
majority have this to say:

We went to war to free our kidnapped soldiers. Why aren't
they mentioned?

For shame.
Olmert, Peretz, Halutz, the triumvirate of losers.

Let me add this: Mr. Olmert, Mr. Peretz, Mr. Halutz: You
have squandered the lives of our soldiers. You have
squandered our opportunity to free the nation of Israel from
a deadly enemy. You have set the stage for the next war.
By September, we will be under attack once more. Do the
decent thing: Resign, all of you, and let Mr. Netanyahu,
General Alon (who was kicked out because he
refused to go along with the disengagement) take over.

Resign Mr. Olmert. Resign in shame for your incompetence.
Your inability to carry out a single one of the objectives
you so stirringly announced at the beginning of this war.

With all of you and your incompetent Kadima-led government out of
office, we will all be safer and better prepared when the
rockets start to fall once again, as they inevitably will
with the U.N. and the French guarding our borders.
And if you won't do the honorable thing, we will do
everything we can to get you fired. You make me sick. I am
ashamed to be a citizen of my country under your
leadership. I am appalled to have a son in the IDF under
your leadership. For shame, for shame, for shame!

The kapo Ehud Olmert, and his corrupt Kadima cabinet of traitors, bought and paid for by Euro-Nazis, must go or Israel will.

The bloody vulture Shimon Peres (who has gotten away with murder), waits in the wings, ready to clutch power in his unclean talons.

Israel must make sure Shimon Peres, that false prophet of a lying vision of peace, is removed from office also (and brought to justice) or they will have brought a greater evil to power, the Vatican puppet, and will rue the day when Jerusalem falls as a direct result.


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