Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sarkozy seeks to give EU greater world role

28.08.2007 European Observer
As France prepares to assume the EU's driving seat in July next year,
president Nicolas Sarkozy has indicated he wants to turn the EU into a
decisive player in the global arena – something he says would result in a fairer and more harmonious world order.

"Europe must progressively affirm itself as a first-rank player for peace and security, in co-operation with the United Nations, the Atlantic Alliance and the African Union", Mr Sarkozy said in the first foreign policy speech of his presidency on Monday (27 August)...

Sarkozy seeks to give EU greater world role
Ah! The foolish French whores. They would be king of the continent, but Germany will remind them what a queen they are, a mistress at best, a lapdog doing tricks for their German-Jesuit masters, French poodles playing politics while being played.
Of course, the United Europe will be promoted by both Church and State as seeking peace and security while actually preparing for war to enforce their Pax Romana. In fact, Sarkozy "identified relations between Islam and the West as the main issue that currently needs to be examined," which will be the fuse that ignites the powder keg that is Europe, the convenient crisis that will create cohesion otherwise unobtainable overnight, with the "blessings" of the Vatican who will anoint their efforts and encourage their role as Defender of Christian Western Civilization, dominated by Germany.
Woe to Jerusalem upon whom Europe casts its evil eye! Watch drama unfold in Israel that demands international attention, and expect tensions to increase upon the coveted Temple Mount that Europe will offer to relieve, with copious guarantees of peace and security given to deceive.
The great betrayal is all part of the grand design being woven by globalist spin masters, who will with dizzying pace pollute Jerusalem with their presence, and tie it all together with concerted calls to enforce UN Resolution 181: the final solution.

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