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AND NOW, THE END IS NEAR by Barry Chamish

by Barry Chamish

This Week On Columbo: The Case Of The Disappearing Israel

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You see, sir. It doesn't make sense. Why would Israel's leaders destroy their country? You see the problem I have? Then I discover they're all felons. Defence Minister Barak ran from Tzeelim Bet and left five of his soldiers dead on the ground. And he gave the order at Sultan Yakob in Lebanon in 1982, which left at least 26 of his countrymen dead. He's a killer and is now a leader of his country. Deputy Prime Minister Chaim Ramon was almost imprisoned on pedophilia charges not three months ago. He French-kissed a soldier barely past her 18th birthday. And then he's made a minister just two steps from taking over the whole country. You see my problem, don't you? How do these crooks get on top? In any law abiding place they'd be selling junk on the phone. So why are they giving the commands to wreck their nation?

I'm trying to figure out the same thing with this Prime Minister, Olmert. He's been investigated five times by the State Comptroller for embezzling public money. You see sir, what bothers me? How did he rise so high? It's very confusing. He's giving all your strategic territory to your worst enemies. Why would he do it?

I hope I'm not disturbing you, sir, but the answer is in your president, one Shimon P.F.Y. Peres. (Phooey, Feh, Yech). He went to the Vatican on September 6 and promised to solve all your problems this year. But sir, who is he solving problems for? We have a long file on this Peres. He has his fingers in serious murders like those of Rabin, Sharon and Zeevi. Worse, he has been working for the Vatican to get the Jews out of Jerusalem. Yes sir, it's been proved.

Now here is what's interesting. Before PFY Peres arrives in the Vatican, a Vatican agent, an actual king of Spain, named Juan Carlos, secretly meets with a Saudi prince named Salman. You see, a Saudi "peace" plan is being pushed by the pope. But it's exactly the "peace" plans of a New York group called the Council On Foreign Relations, called Barcelona, Oslo or the Roadmap. Israel withdraws to indefensible positions and is destroyed. And that's what bothers me. Why this meeting before Peres arrives in Rome?

I know the King of Spain can have a secret meeting, but another thing bothers me. Why, on September 4, would the Italian Foreign Minister arrive in Israel to meet with, not only Israel's "leaders," but with this Tony Blair, a British citizen all tied up with one President Bush. And why would he fly back to Italy to meet with this Peres just as he's sitting with the pope?

If that was all, I'd finish up my report and make it to my nephew's wedding. But something very strange bothers me. Why did this pope meet with the Saudi Foreign Minister right after his Peres meeting and just after his visit with the Syrian vice-President?

I know who is killing Israel, but the victims don't want to know. The residents of Judea and Samaria are thoroughly deluded, sir. They look for any sign to live another day. A new group of immigrants excites them, sir. They don't count everyone leaving, or the mortal risk the newcomers will face. Not many will make it, I'm afraid. They are thrilled that half the army's officers are religious and don't understand why these officers, from Elazar or Takoah, are leading the operations to remove them from their homes. They could fight their end by organizing a strike against the army. But what works for garbagemen is too good for them. They think the Arab threat is worse than the one from within. They are infiltrated, have no control over their future, and won't fight back. And worse, sir, much worse, they have been twisted into thinking some sort of messiah will save them. And gentiles are drooling to take their minds away. Or the survivors, anyway.

I guess that explains most of it, but there is one more fact the resistors won't fight. This has been going on for more than a generation. This Council On Foreign Relations has been after Israel since, at least, 1975 when executive Henry Kissinger has promised to reduce Israel to nothing. Just prior to Peres' recent papal visit, this President Bush, who's grandfather founded the Council, promised the PLO that he will force Israel back to its 1949 borders.

The end will begin this November in America. Sir.


Bush's 3 little words, 1 big betrayal

June 2, 2005
1:00 a.m. Eastern

The Israelis are reeling from the body blow delivered them by President Bush following his meeting with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. In one pronouncement, Bush totally scuttled all the hard-fought, blood-bought gains Israel has made in the three wars forced upon her.

All peace negotiations and concessions by Israel in the pursuit of peace with the Muslim Nations and Palestinians since 1949 have been rendered null and void.

President Bush's astonishing and unexpected statement reversed long standing American policy. In his joint statement with Abbas, he declared that any final status changes in the peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians must be mutually agreed to on the basis of the 1949 armistice lines.

Olmert Offers Judea, Samaria, Divides J'lem in Draft Accord

JAFFA, Israel – Newly installed Israeli President Shimon Peres hopes to achieve the outline of a final status deal with the Palestinians before an international conference in November, the veteran politician said.
When Peres assumed the role of president last month, political analysts and pundits here widely expected him to defy the limits of his office and take a hands-on role in Israeli diplomacy and policy making.
According to Knesset sources, Peres is contemplating even asking lawmakers to officially expand the role of the president to include conducting foreign policy.

Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs to visit Israel
4 Sep 2007 Italian FM Massimo D'Alema is due to arrive in Israel for discussions with senior Israeli officials.
During his visit, FM D'Alema will meet with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Livni and with Minster of Defense Ehud Barak. FM D'Alema will also meet with Quartet Middle East envoy Tony Blair, who is currently in Jerusalem, and with the families of the abducted soldiers.
Upon his return, FM D'Alema will meet with President Shimon Peres, who is currently in Italy.

Prior to his visit to Israel, FM D'Alema visited the Palestinian Authority and Egypt, where he held discussions with the Foreign Ministers of several countries that are members of the Arab League.

ROME: Pope Benedict XVI and Israeli President Shimon Peres discussed peace efforts in the Middle East during a meeting Thursday, and Peres renewed an invitation to the pontiff to visit Israel and the Holy Land.
The 35-minute meeting between Benedict and Peres was the first since the veteran statesman and Nobel Peace Prize laureate became president in July. It came amid an international push for peace in the Middle East.
Lombardi said the pontiff is willing to travel to the Middle East, but the spokesman refused to be pinned down about any possible date. Benedict, who has been invited by Israeli officials before, has said he would like to go, but hopes to visit at a time of peace.
Also discussed during the talks were peace efforts in the region, especially in the Holy Land, before a U.S.-sponsored conference in November, the Vatican spokesman said.
Peres presented the pontiff with a small transparent installation where the symbols of the three monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, could be seen.
Pope meets Israel's Peres
By ALESSANDRA RIZZO, Associated Press Writer Thu Sep 6, 9:12 PM ET
ROME - Pope Benedict XVI and Israeli President Shimon Peres discussed Middle East peace efforts on Thursday, with both sides saying the atmosphere was favorable for Israelis and Palestinians to work to end decades of conflict.
Shortly after the meeting, Benedict held talks on the Middle East situation with the Saudi foreign minister, Prince Saud al-Faisal...Benedict raised a similar issue in his talks Wednesday with the Syrian vice president, Farouk al-Sharaa, the Vatican said.

Shimon Peres: Within a year the most important Israel-Holy See problems resolved
Rome (AsiaNews) – The Israeli President Shimon Peres is “quite optimistic” regarding negotiations between Israel and the Holy See and has declared that “within the years end the most important problems will be resolved”.
In order to study “common initiatives in favour of peace”, the pontiff also met today with Saudi Foreign Minister, Prince Saud Al Faisal. Saudi Arabia and the Arab League have long put forward a peace programme for the Middle East.

It appears that the majority of the Middle East leaders are meeting in Rome appears to be proof of Italy's intentions and that of Pope Benedictus XI to become more involved in the Middle East peace process. Europe's diplomatic efforts to become more involved in the Middle East appear to be intensifying. French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner is due to visit the Middle East next week and the EU envoy Xavier Solana has just completed a visit to the region.09/05/07

JERUSALEM – Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak told the Egyptian government the Jewish state is willing to forfeit control over the Temple Mount – Judaism's holiest site – to the management of Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority, according to an Arab media report.

By The Associated Press Last update - 12:12 07/09/2007

A confidant of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has offered a broad West
Bank pullout in talks with Palestinian leaders on a final-status
peace deal, an Israeli newspaper reported Friday.

Vice Premier Haim Ramon met with Palestinian Prime Minister Salam
Fayad and other officials in an effort to put together a joint
Israeli-Palestinian declaration of principles that will be presented
in November at a Mideast
peace conference slated to be held in the U.S., Israel's Yediot
Ahronot newspaper reported.

Among the proposals made by the Israeli team was an offer to share control of the Temple Mount between the three major religions (Judaism, Islam and Christianity) and to cede control of the Arab neighborhoods of east Jerusalem to the PA. The policing of major West Bank towns Ramallah, Jenin and Nablus would also be given to the Palestinians.
Great secrecy surrounds King Juan Carlos' visit with Saudis/great security

King Juan Carlos interrupted his holidays in Mallorca for a few hours on Sunday to pay a visit to Prince Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia, governor of Riyadh, at his Marbella retreat.

The courtesy call was strictly private and lasted for at least four hours, according to different sources close to the royal family.

Very little is known about the meeting which took place in the Al Riyadh palace, next to El Rocío, the replica of the White House built by the late King Fahd.
Discreet but tight security surrounding the prince’s residence, with several National Police patrols on guard, was the only sign of the presence of the Spanish monarch, who had travelled to the Costa del Sol for the second year running to greet the brother of the late Saudi monarch, with whom King Juan Carlos enjoyed a close friendship.
In 1975, US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger told the Iraqi foreign minister, in a secret meeting:
We can't negotiate about the existence of Israel, but we can reduce its size to historical proportions. I don't agree that Israel is a permanent threat. How can a nation of three million be a permanent threat? They have a technical advantage now. But it is inconceivable that peoples with wealth and skill and the tradition of the Arabs won't develop the capacity that is needed. So I think in ten to fifteen years, Israel will be like Lebanon-- struggling for existence, with no influence in the Arab world. (see Kissinger tells Iraqis, "We Can Reduce Israel's Size")

Watch, sir! =


***Oh, no sir. I don't mean to imply anything by this. Syria is beating a few war drums against you and you're not protecting the most at danger. That's not necessarily homicide, sir. Not necessarily.***

Syrian VP: We'll retaliate for Israeli aggression
Following IDF's reported violation of Syrian airspace, Farouk al-Shara tells
Italian newspaper La Repubblica, 'All I can say is that the military and
political echelon is looking into a series of responses as we speak. Results
are forthcoming'
Nir Magal YNET Published: 09.08.07, 22:20 / Israel News,7340,L-3447331,00.html

"Damascus will retaliate," Syrian Vice President Farouk al-Shara said
Saturday in an interview with Italian newspaper Le Repubblica following
Israel's reported violation of Syrian airspace on Thursday.

I am writing to you to make you aware of the terrible conditions of the bomb shelters in Katzrin in the Golan Hts. I encourage you to check this out for yourself.
I spent last weekend in Katzrin visiting some friends who live there and have been trying to secure funds to renovate the 80 public bomb shelters and 95 shelters located below apartment buildings.
My friend was told by an official in Katzrin that HaKeren L’Yedidut was working in conjunction with the government to renovate the bomb shelters. However, when my friend requested funding from the organization he received the following e-mail: “Thank you for your letter in the matter of renovating bomb shelters in the north. HaKeren L’Yedidut IS OBLIGATED TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS OF HOME FRONT COMMAND. UNFORTUNATELY, PURSUANT TO THOSE INSTRUCTIONS, AT THIS STAGE, KATZRIN IS NOT ONE OF THE CITIES IN WHICH WE WILL BE RENOVATING BOMB SHELTERS.”

***The Hebrew lab guys were pretty shocked by this. A snitch has sued the Israeli secret services for illegally using MK ULTRA techniques to recruit killers. Look at the comments, ma'am. "Was this how Yigal Amir was trapped? Forget Amir, they got Sharon this way."

* Was This Method Exploited against Yigal Amir? (H)

And I gotta admit that this Rabin case has us all stumped. We've got the goods but the prosecutor won't budge. These boys are amateurs but they're trying. Ma'am, if I wanted to stay out of a big headache, I'd give them a hand. ***

* PETITION to re-investigate the assassination (H)


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