Friday, May 16, 2008

Open Letter to Malcolm Hoenlein and Howard Rieger

Ehud Olmert is by far the most corrupt, polarizing and destructive Prime Minister the State of Israel has ever had. One must take responsibility for one’s actions, and for the relationships one forges. Your public support of Mr. Olmert and his destructive, suicidal policies and agenda in your roles as two of the most powerful Jews in the Diaspora makes both of you culpable and liable. When Olmert is forced to leave office, you must immediately resign from your positions of Jewish leadership.

You may both argue that it is your responsibility to support whoever sits in the Prime Minister’s chair, and that the demonstration of this support does not represent a political stance.
Unfortunately, your actions during the past nearly three years, since the “disengagement,” shout out otherwise. Your job – first and foremost – is to help all Jews in need; yet, you have shirked this critical responsibility in deference to the Prime Minister’s political wishes. You have ignored the plight of the expellees from Gaza and northern Samaria until the pressure became impossible to bear. And, even then, your assistance to those 10,000 brave souls has been woefully inadequate – just enough to temporarily silence your critics. Likewise, your refusal to equip our fellow Jews in Sderot and throughout the western Negev with protection from the constant rockets and missiles from Gaza reflects a glaring, unforgivable failure in leadership.

Unfortunately, the politicization of your positions and your lack of leadership do not lie solely with their inaction and silence. In late February, 2008, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs passed a resolution endorsing the two-state ‘solution’ which completely ignores the resultant creation of a huge Jewish humanitarian crisis for the tens of thousands of new expellees and an imminent threat to Israel’s very survival. Prof. Arieh Eldad, MD, MK, head of the newly-formed Hatikva party, equates the implementation of the two-state ‘solution’ with the destruction of Israel. As the heads of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and United Jewish Communities (UJC), respectively, you must held responsible for supporting the resolution endorsing such a destructive, suicidal policy: you must be replaced with individuals who truly have the Jewish People’s best interest at heart.

Most sincerely,

Buddy Macy

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Blogger Yehoshua Pinto said...

You're right on. All we need in Jewish leadership is fear of God and not fear of man to stand up in correct political terms and stand for what is correct despite the lack of popularity and completely discredit the Ehud Gov't and any other cowardly act of folding in front of enemies.

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have personally worked with the Conference of the Presidents and it is hands down the most egotistical and two faced Jewish organization that exists. Its leader can stand in front of a group of people and speak such inspirational words, and the next second act like a complete "behema" (animal)to those who work behind the scenes. It is an embarrassment and disgrace to diaspora Jewry that such people even have a voice. The good news is that the Israeli public doesn't know or care about them. I urge all Jewish organizations that truly care about Jewry and ethics stay far away from a corrupt and two faced organization like the Conference of Presidents. We can only hope that soon Jewish leadership in both the diaspora and in Israel will be lead by genuine care for the Jewish people and not power seeking ego's.
Due to its mafia like leader, I am forced to remain anonymous.

9:43 PM  

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