Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Israel Today

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Gaza rockets mar Yom Kippur for southerners
Number of rockets and mortar shells fired at southern Israel on Yom Kippur; locals demand long-term solution to Gaza terror more»

Muslims attack Yom Kippur worshippers on Temple Mount
Arab violence spreads across Jerusalem during holiest day on Jewish calendar; Palestinians blame Jews for being 'provocative' more»

Netanyahu puts peace process back in proper perspective
Israeli PM says will not conclude peace deal based on lies that Jews are foreign invaders more»

Many see Obama UN speech as dangerous for Israel
While Netanyahu and others praise language of speech, some warn that Obama undermined Israel's legitimacy more»

Palestinians 'disgraced' by Obama-led photo-op
US president scolds Israelis and Palestinians for failing to restart peace talks, demands answers in three weeks more»


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