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All of Israel, government and media, is furious at Sweden for allowing the publication of a newspaper "investigation" claiming that the Israel Defense Forces (I.D.F.) harvests Palestinian body organs for sale on the international black market. The Swedish newspaper article was a response to three New Jersey rabbis being busted for illegal kidney sales organized by an Israeli, Ilan Peri. However, to take one scandal and apply it to their whole army was way too much for the Israelis:

"Netanyahu to press Sweden to condemn I.D.F. Organ Harvesting Article"
By Barak Ravid and Asaf Uni
Last update - 03:24 August 23, 2009

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to press Sweden for an official condemnation of an article in the Swedish daily Aftonbladet that alleged Israeli soldiers 'harvested' the organs of Palestinians".

The problem with the Aftonbladet article is that Israel does not harvest Palestinian organs for under the table profits; it steals the organs of deceased ISRAELI soldiers and sells them worldwide. The primary thief is none other than state coroner Dr. Yehuda Hiss, who rewrote the autopsy of slain Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, and thus is impervious to police or legal retribution.

From my book Save Israel
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"Dr. Yehuda Hiss - Last week, his pathological institute was raided and body parts, some over five years old, were found, including those of four soldiers killed in action. But Hiss was not arrested. He knows too much about Rabin for that. But one soldier's father, Dr. Haim Buzaglo, is suing to have Hiss imprisoned and the case is coming up soon".

Dr. Hiss emptied the soldiers' corpses of useable organs and replaced them with rags and, yes, broomsticks. Then he returned them to their families. One soldier's father, Dr. Haim Buzaglo, was a doctor and Dr. Buzaglo conducted his own autopsy. Hiss was finished. Or would have been if Dr. Buzaglo's attorney, "Deep Throat" (the R&B editor is inspired to use the pseudonym "Deep Throat" by Woodward and Bernstein of Watergate fame) [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_Throat], was not wearing him down and losing the case for the authorities.

Whenever a case has to be lost, in comes "Deep Throat". Here is "Deep Throat" again, pretending to defend the victim of another Hiss body parts snatching:

From my book Save Israel
www. lulu .com/content/517809

"['Deep Throat'] represents another victim of Dr. Hiss, the family of Alisdair Sinclair"

On April 14, 1998, 47 year old Alisdair Sinclair, was stopped by customs officials at Ben Gurion Airport on his way out of the country after a six day stay.
At the airport police station, Sinclair was found strangling on his shoelaces. He was rushed to hospital and pronounced dead. From there his body was transferred to the Abu Kabir Institute For Forensic Medicine and straight into the paws of Dr. Yehuda Hiss, who conducted an autopsy which concluded that Sinclair had killed himself.
On May 13, another autopsy was conducted, at the University of Glasgow and guess what? The hyoid bone at the base of the tongue was missing and so was the heart. Both were removed by Dr. Hiss. But why? No problem guessing why the hyoid bone was gone. It would reveal that Sinclair did not hang himself but was strangled by other means.
But the heart..? ["Deep Throat"] can only say, "Our best guess is that Hiss is involved the black market trade in human organs".

Everyone who covered up the Rabin murder gets ahead.

Attorney Sefi Elon was a candidate for the Supreme Court:

"Prominent rabbis slam Supreme Court candidacy"
By Chaim Levinson
August 20, 2009

"Prominent religious Zionist rabbis yesterday published a manifesto opposing the proposed appointment to the Supreme Court of Be'er Sheva District Court Judge Joseph (Sefi) Elon. They primarily objected to two decisions he made at the time of Israel's 2005 disengagement from the Gaza Strip. 'His moment of truth', they said, 'came [in his handling of] 60 detainees from Kfar Darom [protesting the disengagement], including young teenagers. In this instance, he rejoiced in sending them to prison and didn't consider each case individually, in violation of court procedure'".

Every political assassin needs a co-conspirator, and in Rabin's murder the chosen victim was Margalit Har Shefi. The murder patsy Yigal Amir mailed her an unwanted letter from prison, sent her on unrequested but damning errands, and on command, he framed her. All this was easy to prove, but Margalit's uncle (!), Sefi Elon, made certain that Margalit went to prison:

From my book Save Israel
www. lulu .com/content/517809

"The Elon family know all about Raviv and the more lurid background of the Rabin murder but they have not helped Margalit Har Shefi in any way. The opposite. Sefi Alon was hired as Har Shefi's lawyer and he simply did not defend her. Worse, he incriminated her even more deeply. His chosen defence was that Har Shefi didn't take Amir's threats against Rabin seriously and to prove it he coached Har Shefi to stress the fact that she asked her rabbi if Amir's biblical justifications for Rabin's murder were legitimate. What a trap he laid for Har Shefi! Obviously if she went to her rabbi, she did take Amir seriously and thus should have informed the police about him. That's the way the judges saw it and from then on Har Shefi's chances for acquittal were over".

Rabin will haunt Israel until assassination mover Shimon Peres is president no longer, forever. Yet Israelis reward their crooks with loyalty!

Can you imagine this?:

"Gilad Shalit’s Sister Entering the I.D.F."

"Hadas Shalit, Gilad Shalit's sister, will on Wednesday be among the new recruits entering the I.D.F. this Wednesday. Hadas prefers not to discuss her imminent induction and plans for military service with the media".

Hadas Shalit's brother Gilad's kidnapping was purposely not prevented by the I.D.F., the same I.D.F. which attacked Gaza last winter (2008) without demanding as a condition of withdrawal Gilad Shalit's release, and the same I.D.F. which continues to pretend Gilad Shalit is alive when all precedent dictates that he was murdered over three years previously.

Gilad's sister Hadas had her moment to destroy the facade created with her brother's name. Hadas could have, and should have, refused her induction into the I.D.F., to honor the memory of her brother Gilad.

Yet Hadas, like all Israelis who protect and cover up for Rabin's true assassins, chose to protect those who inflicted the pain on her family.

Shana Tova from St. Augustine, Florida

Barry Chamish


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