Thursday, December 03, 2009

How come? Has the Left no intellect?

Woe is me, that I dwell in Meshech,
That I dwell among the tents of Kedar!
My soul has dwelt too long
With one who hates peace.
I am for peace;
But when I speak, they are for war. (Psalm 120:5-7)

To ease the settlers' concerns, Defense Minister Ehud Barak assured them - as The Jerusalem Post of December 3, 2009 reported: "settlement blocs will be an integral part of Israel in any future peace deal."

Thus has Israel's fairly leftist Labor leader left the "Peace Camp." Everyone knows that the Palestinian leadership - whether Fatah or Hammas - will not dream of making peace, say temporary truce, with Israel without receiving back at least as much as Egypt did - namely 100 percent (for even Egypt that included the last grains of Taba's sand). For the Palestinians, 100 percent includes all of "East" Jerusalem together with the holiest place to the Jewish people: the Temple Mount!

And now, some to the moderate left of Israel's political spectrum who are saying that in a future deal the settlement blocs will be an integral part of Israel - they have put themselves OUTSIDE the peace camp. No Palestinian leader will ever be found who would sign such a peace - say truce - agreement.

If, on top of this, Israel's leaders will think themselves clever and try to first settle the score by making a separate agreement with the murderous Assad of Syria - for which surely Israel will have to give back ALL of the Golan Heights - why, this will only cause the Palestinian leadership to further harden its position: "If Egypt got 100 percent and Syria got 100 percent we certainly will not settle for anything less than 100 percent."

Thus the Israelis who are NOT willing to give up everything to the Palestinians ARE IN REALITY not for peace with the Palestinians; no Palestinian leader will make peace without at least getting what Egypt and Syria got/may get.

Yes, with all their supposed intellect as they talk back and forth about what each would be willing to pay for peace, the Israelis are just talking to themselves. FOR THERE IS NO - ABSOLUTELY NO - ARAB OR PALESTINIAN LEADER who is even willing to enter into discussion for peace with Israel without knowing beforehand that they too will receive - as Egypt did - 100 percent of their demands.

And even then it won't be a real peace but a further step towards Israel's final dismantling.

Most of the violent conflicts in the world today are initiated and perpetrated by adherents to ISLAM: Whether in the Sudan, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, the Middle East, London, Madrid or the U.S - each is ISLAM-inspired

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may, in a politically correct way, announce that the State of Israel is not at war with Islam - and that is true. But for honesty sake he should have lamented that, unfortunately, most of the ISLAMIC world IS at war against the notion of an independent Jewish state called Israel. (Turkey's recent behavior, after all Israel's careful investment into a good relationship with this Muslim-directed state, only proves this point.)

It would have been just as nonsensical for Britain or the Jewish people in Europe to have declared - on the eve of Hitler's war of extermination against them - that they at least were not at war with Nazi Germany!

So let us say it clearly as it is - for any of Israel's left who still has the intellect to face the honest facts:

ANY Israeli who wants to hold onto any of the following cherished concepts:

A Jewish sovereign state of Israel however small in size;
Jewish sovereignty over any part of ancient Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount;
Any large settlement blocs, etc.

is therefore NOT for a peace or truce with the Arabs. They simply want it all - and if not, they will not start talking peace.

So, what is all the so-called intellectual talk among many Israeli politicians and journalists concerning the "peace" negotiations about? Don't they know these facts? And if they do know, then how do they each - in utter folly - go on talking about peace prospects which under the present circumstances are NON EXISTENT, no matter how many concessions some of them are parading their willingness to make?

It will never be enough - not even settling for a Jewish democratic state in what little scraps will finally be left to the people of Israel.

So what are we talking about? We are just talking to ourselves - in a typically Jewish way - each saying what he/she is prepared to do; what clever plans for peace.

NO Israeli parliament ever will come into existence that would ratify such a suicidal pact. So, again, what's all the peace talk about?

And all the while Israel's Muslim enemies stick to their guns - and they will have plenty of them shortly, even 'guns' of mass-destruction. They want it all. While the foolish Israeli elite keep talking about their wish for peace, the Muslim foes are planning their next intifada to settle the dispute!

As the psalmist says: "I am for peace, but when I speak they are for war!" (Psalm 120:7)

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