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Yitzhak Rabin Assassination & WorldNetDaily

WND Exclusive Commentary A skeleton in Barak's closet
Posted: June 10, 2000
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Barry Chamish
© 2000 WorldNetDaily.com

Does it seem that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak pulled his troops out of Lebanon too hastily? Does the Sept. 13 deadline for an Israeli-PLO final agreement -- set by President Clinton -- appear unrealistically tight? Why the rush to peace as envisioned by the American administration and why is Barak cooperating at breakneck speed?

The answer, known throughout Israel, is that the truth about the Rabin assassination is about to be exposed and, when that day arrives, Barak and his government will find themselves deeply implicated.

Israeli political analyst Joel Bainerman, author of "Crimes of a President," a study of covert operations during the Bush administration, says outright, "Rabin's murder will become the biggest scandal in Israeli history, maybe even Jewish history. The American and European powerbrokers know Barak can't keep a lid on it much longer and they are making sure their peace process is completed before the scandal blows-up in Barak's face."

Prior to this year, two books, one a top-three bestseller, proved that Rabin's convicted murderer, Yigal Amir, shot blanks at the prime minister and Rabin was shot fatally shortly after by his own bodyguard. In the past month, three new books with titles like "Blank Bullets and Lies: The Rabin Assassination and the Israeli Secret Service" were published.

With five thoroughly researched books on the subject all asserting that the General Security Services (Shabak) organized the murder, Barak has to be very worried. Most worrisome of all, three of the books contend that Barak's Minister Of Regional Affairs, Shimon Peres, was the mastermind of the assassination.

"All in all," notes Bainerman, "the case against Peres is circumstantial, but the weight of the evidence is impressive enough to start legal proceedings against him."

The case for an internal coup is based on indisputable police and medical reports that defy the official version of the assassination. According to the government's version, Rabin was shot twice in the back from a foot-and-a-half range. But the police crime laboratory proved Rabin was shot at point-blank range. More shocking, the hospital records prove Rabin was shot not twice, but three times, and once from the front.

Linda Goldman co-produced a four-minute report of the assassination for "NBC-Extra." She observes: "The police and hospital records prove beyond doubt that Amir could not have been Rabin's killer. All the filmed and eye-witness testimonies show that he did not and could not have shot Rabin point blank and from the front."

After Amir's first shot at Rabin, his bodyguards shouted that the bullets were blanks and instead of killing the assailant, let him get-off two more rounds. Natan Gefen, author of "Fatal Sting," asserts, "Amir was supposed to shoot blanks and he did shoot blanks. He was the patsy."

But why the sting operation in the first place? Radio broadcaster Adir Zik, who also writes a weekly column for the Israeli newspaper Hatsofe explains, "The policy of the Shabak was to promote a peace process the public didn't want through sting operations run by provocateurs. Most of the bodyguards thought Amir was part of still another sting operation but a very few knew that this time the sting would turn to murder."

One Shabak provocateur, Avishai Raviv, worked hand-in-hand with Amir for two years before the murder, turning legitimate protest into illegal excesses. He is currently on trial for not preventing Rabin's murder but the government has ordered media and the public out of the courtroom. On the assassination night, 40 minutes before the name Yigal Amir was broadcast to the Israeli people, Raviv took responsibility for the shooting. He called 38 journalists with the message, "We missed this time but next time we'll get Rabin."

A minute after, one journalist, Amir Gilat of Maariv returned the call and Raviv gave him Amir's particulars. Says Joel Bainerman, "How did Raviv know Amir was supposed to shoot 40 minutes before the rest of the country? And why did he think Amir was supposed to miss? This huge mistake ties the Shabak to Rabin's murder with 38 witnesses as proof. They'll never get out of this despite the media cover-up that's going on by the very journalists who he phoned."

Linda Goldman agrees, "It's discouraging that the Israeli media is protecting Rabin's murderers but some of us aren't in that game. We're getting the facts out and the truth will win."

And, when it does, there goes Barak and his political party for good. Hence, the rush to shove a peace process down a reluctant Israeli public's throat before their fans start getting clogged with dung.

Barry Chamish is the author of several books on Israeli politics including "Israel Betrayed," "Traitors and Carpetbaggers in the Promised Land" and "Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin," all available over Amazon.com.


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