Saturday, May 27, 2006

Systematic destruction of Israeli JEWS

From: Shmuel HaLevi Radio Free Israel
To: davidbenariel
Sent: 5/26/06
Subject: Re: Israeli Sheeple & Nazi-Muslims

Israelis are mutated entities. They retain by now just a few merely symbolic markers to pretend to be what they hate to be, but in general, they have nothing in common with the JEWISH Nation. Mr. Netanyahu committed political suicide when he disclosed his thoughts and uttered that famous whispered message to the revered late Rav Kadduri.
The Israeli, unJews, are the byproducts of a criminal plan instituted by both former Jews, the most representatives are the Peresites, and their foreign controllers to ultimately complete the Holocaust by other means. Or at least SOME... other means.
After Mr. Begin's victory, a portend of failure for the incipient unJews, the PTB opted for an added formulation including the use of moles into Begins cabinet and retaining the infrastructure at all costs. Eventually and very much with difficulty they drafted proxies, (Arafat and his associates), to murder and maim thus fomenting/accelerating the demoralization and ultimate destruction of core JEWS and Jewish National Heritage. Appropriate infiltrators/agents provocateurs were set up WITHIN the Jewish very weak structures.
Since that did not fully produce the results sought by the cabal, unJewish & foreign forces cabal, Sharon was activated to DIRECTLY destroy the JEWISH REMNANTS. Both people and physical Heritage were marked for final destruction.

I proposed for years that either a strain of genetically adequate candidates was "selected" as the initial raw material from which specialized conditioning centers eventually hatched the Israeli hybrid, the unJews, or that a latent failure mode was detected and used by experts to move whole population blocks in that direction.
In the folkloric picture one may see the advent of the "CHUZPAN" and ISRABLOF and other such things as expressions of transiting into unJewishness, and also as signs of things to come.
The end product is what one observes in the "political field" KADIMA, "center party", "shinui" whatever's mixed with the meretz/women in black/yesh-gvul and other such cesspools.
In the industrialist/pseudo intellectual side is the "HERTZLIAH FORUM". A formidable tool for the unJews to control the employment market in conjunction with the "Trades Union". A computer era system replacing the "little red book".
It is widely known but sternly kept down by the unJewish system what HERTZL did with his family and was desirous to do with Jews in general.
The so called IDF military was eventually controlled by the careful selection of staff officers formed overseas and or locally indoctrinated to move the whole military into the formats we observed in place since Rabin, Barak and in extreme forms since Sharon took office, this in an obvious fashion but also in a lesser mode since 1973. We may add Shahak, Sneh, Mordechai, Livnai, Mofaz and obviously "his" Halutz as well as other such excrement into that pile.
There they formed special battalions of SHOCK TROOPS including vast numbers of local Islamic, foreign "olim" and specialists and at the top, the black dressed SS like paramilitary.
The unJewish self elected judicials formed the courtier system and molded the KARADZIC politzei. One must remember that the ghastly politzei is, in fact, "tzahal B". One does not get to be so thoroughly corrupt as that system is, from top to bottom, without systemic support.
The SHABAK was shifted years ago and required no reform.

There is no connection between an Israeli fully developed unJew of today and a core Jew.
Regardless of what the timid, vacillating, compromised religious echelons, in most cases, want to promote.
An Israeli unJew is the byproduct of about 50 years, one full desert generation, of genetic and social engineering processes, mainly financed by the US taxpayer and carried out by the means I list further down this page.

MOSES WAS ORDERED by G.d TO MEANDER IN THE DESERT for 40 years to favor the arrival of THE JEWISH NATION.
Ben Gurionists were ORDERED by foreign controllers to MEANDER IN THE DESERT and hatch THE unJews.

1. UnJewish "law" structures
2. "Political" structures.

b. Media thought conditioning.
c. Art systems processes.
d. JEWISH AGENCY olim selection and pre aliyah centers control. "Ulpanim".

j. SPORTS systems
k.Government services

The first, (A), is arguably the most ruinous and treason laden of all subsystems in place.
The second, (B), follows in close proximity.
That followed by the next five procedure development and initial processing centers, a-e, that have been set up to formulate the overall physical direction and routines used to change a JEW to an incipient unJew.

Following them are the five, "f to k", that are effectively the mass and field operation centers processing the to be re made population blocks into unJews.

There is more to it but lets stop for moment and...

None will come "from within". The unJewish system is completely foreign controlled system.
Nothing will be gained by "protesting". The unJews have formulated terrible plans for protesters, including mass murder. Many of them so openly declared. For the record.
Nothing will be gained by "love festivals". They are declared enemies. Observe what was done to Gush Katif, Amona, etc.
And certainly nothing will be gained by writing notes to the GOI or the foreign deadly enemies of the Nation.
Media contacts? Waste of time. Fully controlled by the families and military/police unJews.

The Nation must chart a JEWISH COURSE by severing any connection with the unJews. At all levels and regardless of the hardships.
The foreigners that charted the fabrication of the "Palestinian" thing, did so with very simple means and the unJews are utterly defeated in that fashion.
The details on HOW TO and WHAT TO and even WHEN TO are in our Platform and in Netzah Israel 8 point plan.
Routines and Game Theory based activities are also available to the RFI, Jewish Overground and NJA. NI associates.



Radio Free Israel

Shmuel HaLevi is a Jew, Father, Grandfather, Husband, Teacher, "Gaucho", radio aficionado and Senior Engineer for the U.S. Department of Defense Avionic Programs who was worked on combat aircraft from the F-16 to the B-2 and from the F-15 to the F-117 to the A.V.-8 and A.H.-64, C-17, C.O.H.-58, C-130 and A.T.F. A (seldom used) Consultant for the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Mr. HaLevi is a U.S. D.o.D. Certified Trainer and Graduation Officer for the Israeli Ministry of Education, writer for the University of Tel Aviv Technology Center, Quality Assurance Engineer and patents holder. Presently, Mr. HaLevi serves as the Laboratory equipment technologist supporting key foreign equipment manufacturers.


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