Monday, July 30, 2007

Kick Affirmative Action/Contract Compliance Office to the Curb!

Kick Affirmative Action/Contract Compliance Office to the Curb!

I called the Ohio Civil Rights Commission to ask what their stated purpose is and was informed they consider all cases of alleged discrimination, regardless of race. I asked the lady why her office apparently wasn't doing its job if Toledo taxpayers must pay for what appears to be a duplicate office with the only difference being the Affirmative Action/Contract Compliance office does discriminate and focus on race. She wasn't sure how to answer.

I called the Affirmative Action/Contract Compliance office several times and got voice mails. I called Councilman Calvin Brown who is the new compliance boss (since the miffed Perlean Griffin was fired and screamed racist when all else failed, proving the point of what a farce that office is, even undermining it by causing folks to question all such wild accusations) of the "Affirmative Action/Contract Compliance" office and got a voice mail. I wanted to ask why they are focusing on race at taxpayer's expense, and why they appear to be unnecessarily and expensively duplicating efforts of the Ohio Civil Rights Commission.

Do any other Toledoans wonder why such a racist office exists? If Toledo is concerned about saving money and even skips garbage pick-up to save Toledo a bundle, then why not kick this duplicate office to the curb and save Toledo's taxpayers thousands of dollars?

City of Toledo | Published 07/20/07
Minority suppliers get ally for city work
Calvin Brown promised yesterday that as head of affirmative action/contract compliance for the city of Toledo, he would be aggressive in seeing that minority contractors get their share of city work.

City of Toledo | Published 07/19/07
Finkbeiner to nominate affirmative action chief
Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner today is expected to nominate a permanent replacement for Perlean Griffin, who was fired in March from her job as executive director of the city's Office of Affirmative Action/Contract Compliance.

Good riddance Perlean Griffin!
Close Affirmative Action/Contract Compliance Offices Nationwide
Perlean Griffin adds insult to injury of Toledo and Mayor Carty Finkbeiner
Perlean Griffin is just another Tawana Brawley

Good riddance Perlean Griffin!

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