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These Are Our Leaders?


These Are Our Leaders?

Gary Cooperberg
August 7, 2007

Ever since the reestablishment of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel began in 1948, the Arab nations have done all in their power to destroy it. It is a principle of Islam to maintain its sovereignty over all lands in the Middle East, and its eventual aim is for complete world dominance. Given the fact that most Arab leaders are religious Moslems, it is an act of futility to assume that they will willingly alter their religious beliefs even for "peace". One would hope that Israel would have leaders that would never make negotiations that would compromise Jewish principles. Unfortunately our leaders appear to have no principles and are prepared to rewrite the Torah to please our enemies. This is the crux of our problems and the reason why we will never see peace result from holding human ideology above that of our Creator.

Mr. Olmert may think that he is advancing the cause of peace by suggesting a willingness to give away Jewish Land to our enemies. He may think that he is taking bold new initiatives. The fact is that Israel has been trying to give away the miracle of 1967 ever since 1967. For forty years our leaders have been dreaming of making peace by undoing miracles. Yet every attempt to make peace by giving away parts of our homeland has resulted in further bloodshed and terror. The most successful attempt yet to part from our obligatory birthright, the evacuation of Gaza and turning it over to the PLO as a gesture to encourage our enemies to make peace with us only resulted in increasing the danger to the Jewish State by allowing the Arabs to build a powerful terror network there. To this day missiles are launched upon the Jewish State from this folly. And to this day not only are no plans being considered to undo the mistake, rather further mistakes are being planned for the future. It is like a gambler who has lost a fortune, borrowing money to go back to the roulette wheel in order to get rich.

It is uncanny how the one man who has most influenced all of our "peace" blunders is now occupying the seat of President of Israel and again engineering proposals to emasculate our country in a futile search for a peace that clearly will never result from such stupidity.

Jewish tradition tells us that the Messiah will come only when most people have given up hope for our survival. Looking at our situation from a political stance we clearly have reached a stage of hopelessness. Simple logic tells us that the days of Israel's existence are extremely limited. It is just a matter of time until either our enemies destroy us, or we do it for them.

Fortunately for us, this is the only country in the world where logic has no place. Bush and Olmert and Peres may have plans for us, but the Creator of the Universe has His own plans which were drawn up even before the world was created. Can one imagine that those plans can be altered... even by the President of the United States? When given the choice to decide between trusting our own eyes and ears or to accept the words of our Torah and prophets, most people seem to prefer their own eyes and ears. This is logical. But it is a mistake. Were logic to have ruled here the State of Israel never would have come into existence, much less to have continued to exist and thrive over the last nearly sixty years.

For all these years our leaders have been promulgating the nonsense, "Give Peace a Chance", which they interpreted as giving away our homeland to our enemies in the hope that peace would result. Time and time again experience proved that this concept was ridiculous. Yet they continue to follow the path of death and destruction. Olmert once said that he is tired of winning wars. Perhaps he would consider deliberately losing even one war for "peace". Can one imagine anyone being so stupid? Yet these are the leaders we have been blessed with.

People ask me about the upcoming elections in Israel. I have come to the conclusion that elections in this country cannot result in improvement of our leadership. On the contrary. When we participate in the farce that we dare call "democracy", we are giving our stamp of approval to those who have stolen the right of the people to choose their own leaders. It matters not who gets elected, we get the same trash after election day is over. Who ever elected Shimon Peres to lead our country? No one. Yet time after time there he is leading us down the path to self destruction. The day after election day we are told that we have exercised our democratic right, and now we must suffer the dictates of leaders who have no interest in the needs of the people whom they ostensibly are meant to serve.

What about Moshe Feiglin? Clearly he is a religious Jew who wants to make Israel the Jewish State it was always meant to be. The question goes back to "do we really have a democracy here?" I do not believe that Moshe Feiglin will achieve his dream to head Likud. The entire governmental system in this country is run by an elite clique which will spit out anyone who dares challenge it. When Rabbi Meir Kahane, z'tl, ran on his own ticket and was actually elected to the Knesset, the entire system worked together to find a way to prevent that mistake from ever happening again. After they made it illegal for him to run for office, just to make sure, they arranged to have him murdered as well. Feiglin is no Meir Kahane, nor is he a charismatic type that would seem to present a threat to the power brokers. None the less, he would do well to watch his back.

I have a friend who bought property from an Arab in a Jerusalem suburb. The problem was that other Arabs were squatting on his property. He went to court to have the squatters removed and to gain access to his property. The squatters were not even Israeli citizens, rather thieves from Bethlehem. It took my friend nearly fifteen years to finally get the court to recognize that the property was, indeed, his and that the Arabs clearly were thieves and liars. He got a court order to remove the Arabs, yet the police refused to honor it! They suggested that he hire a private force to execute the order! When he found people to help him gain access to his own property, the police interfered and wouldn't permit him to do so! It seems that the poor thieving squatters somehow had enough money to find good lawyers to continue to hold up the proceedings.

Today, in Hebron, after only months of living on Jewish property to which no Arab even claimed ownership, the government of Israel found the funding to deploy three thousand troops to forcibly remove two Jewish families from their homes, owing to a whim of the attorney general. When it comes to evacuating Jews from their homes our government has no problems. But when Arab thieves clearly stole property from a Jew, which was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt in even the leftist Israeli court system after fifteen years of being given the run-around, suddenly our armed forces don't have the man power to evict the thieves!

This country is not a democracy. It is run by fools and exists in spite of them and only by miracles. Anyone who does not believe in G-d and Jewish destiny and continues to live here is clearly irrational. I live here with my children and grandchildren because I know that the G-d of Israel will never turn back the clock. His plan has already begun and it will not be stopped by any power on Earth. It makes no difference who is "elected" as our next Prime Minister. The only One who determines our destiny is the Living G-d of Israel. Recent history has proven this to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear. So rather than fall prey to hopelessness as so many are doing today, let us proudly rejoice in the fact that the Jewish People has begun to return home, and will continue to do so until we are all once again united in service to our Creator.



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