Thursday, August 02, 2007

Jewish Magazine (August edition)

The new August edition of the Jewish Magazine is now available online free . New, interesting and entertaining articles with a wide range of topics: the Month of Elul, Yartziet Observance, People, Personal Stories, Poems, Humor and Holocaust, Israel and Insights plus a whole lot more! The Jewish Magazine always brings you a wide variety of interesting and enjoyable articles.

The Jewish Magazine has been on the web for Ten full years with over 1600 varied and interesting Jewish articles available for free. No wonder why it is the number ONE independent Jewish resource on the web..

For the current Jewish Magazine, click through or cut and paste in your browser:

To browse the over 1600 varied Jewish articles in the archives, click through or cut and paste in your browser:

We accept articles from our readers. Have something? Send your article to . The High Holydays are coming in the next Jewish Magazine, have somethings on it? Send it in to us and we will be happy to review it for publication.

The Jewish Magazine is your magazine. We are not supported or sponsored by any group or institution. Being totally independent means no big money supporting us, only by kind and generous reader contribution who realize the importance of a truly independent Jewish Magazine. Support it and help it grow. Make a secure donation via PayPal:

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