Sunday, August 12, 2007

Will Hebron be Judenrein?

"We support and strengthen the pioneers of Hevron who are waging a just and moral struggle against a corrupt and amoral government," "We bless the Israeli soldiers that obeyed the command of their Jewish hearts and did not take part in the expulsion." "With self-sacrifice and faith they will overcome the weakness and defeatism of the government of Israel."
- Statement of support by the Yesha (acronymn for Yehuda/Judea, Shomron/Samaria, and Gaza) Rabbis' Council for Hevron's residents and the IDF soldiers who refused to take part in their eviction
Israeli Soldiers Evict Jewish Settlers, Violence Erupts
An ominous sign for Prime Minister Olmert’s planned handover of the West Bank.


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