Sunday, September 30, 2007

Latest interviews by Barry Chamish

Listen to Barry's latest interviews:
Stan Monteith, Charles Giuliani, Don Wiedeman,
Zev Brenner, Larry Adams, Keith Vyzygoth,
C Cumbey, Greg Szymanski, The 'X' Zone,
Pam Schuffert, Tamar Yonah, The Byte Show,
Gordon Comstock, WGDR, Jeff Rense,
Truth Quest with Melodee on KHEN Radio,
Zeph Daniels & DDay for America!
Listen to more of Barry's shows.

Watch Barry:

Barry Chamish at work at Rabin's Tenth Annual Memorial Rally!
[Barry lost the "fat" since the video; see his newer photos]

International News Net [Barry shows up about half way thru]

Barry Chamish in Salt Lake City, lecturing on murder of Yitzhak Rabin and Wayne Owens July 15, 2006

The Freeman Report on 12-27-2006

"Who Is Bibi Netanyahu Working For?"

Time Out Productions with Kevin Gallagher



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