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The Government of Israel Seeks to Discredit Barry Chamish

by Barry Chamish

Well, my fine readers, I made the headlines in Israel again. I lost the following "legal" action:

Is calling rightist a ‘Shin Bet agent’ libelous?
Website owner Barry Chamish ordered by court to pay Itamar Ben-Gvir NIS 36,000 in damages
Aviram Zino
Published: 03.06.08, 11:25 / Israel News

Barry Chamish, owner of several internet websites, was ordered Thursday by the Magistrates’ Court to pay extreme right-wing activist Itamar Ben-Gvir NIS 36,000 (about $10,000) for referring to the latter as a Shin Bet agent on one of his sites.

Magistrates' Court Judge Oded Shaham ruled that this statement is libelous in nature, and ordered Chamish to pay Ben-Gvir the aforementioned sum in damages.

According to the court's verdict, on April 15, 2005, Hamish published an article on his website entitled "Eskins Folly".

In the aforementioned article, Hamish stated that "Ben Gvir is clearly …a Shin Bet agent, a provocateur. He had committed criminal offenses so many times over…. He is on trial every other month but is always acquitted on some technicality…" Several additional articles in this vane are furthermore quoted in the verdict.

Judge Shaham noted that "these publications portrayed Ben-Gvir as a dishonest and dangerous man. Ben-Gvir was deemed a traitor to his right-wing cause in these articles, and was even accused of committing fraud.

"Some of these articles indicate that Ben-Gvir, while apparently opposed to the Gaza pullout, worked actively to thwart all opposition to the disengagement, and others even stated that he convinced a man to stone an innocent bystander to death. All of these assertions undoubtedly constitute libel."

In reaction to the verdict Ben-Gvir stated, "I have no doubt that some of the malicious rumors circulating about me originated from Shin Bet, and were designed to cause rifts and arguments.

"I never, however, stopped working on behalf of the Jewish people and the ;and of Israel, irrespective of how hard the Left has tired to stop me."

What should be known is I didn't even fight this case. I knew it was lost in the rigged world of the Israeli court system. I found out how crooked the courts are while fighting Avigdor Eskin. After losing the case, as is my right, I submitted an appeal based on another trial where Eskin told the court that, "I have worked for the Shabak." Two witnesses, attorney Dov Even-Or and my lovely girlfriend at the time, Zippora, watched me take the court files to be notarized and submit the appeal to the judge. And they watched the judge flaunt Israeli law by refusing to accept my right to appeal. I knew then that I was supposed to lose and all legal avenues would be employed to defend a state agent.

In my last months in Israel, I reported that Sharon was poisoned just before his stroke and then, I had a stroke. This was followed by time-wasting and expensive law suits and concluded with a car "accident" that almost killed me. I ran for my life and if police snitch Ben Gvir expects to see even a dime from me, it won't ever be in Israel. I don't accept the Israeli courts as legitimate houses of justice, nor do I accept the Israeli government as the rightful rulers of the Jews. In that cuckoo land, calling someone an agent of the secret services is libelous and writers can't present objective facts lest they feel the wrath of the Mafia's courts. ( see those facts at the end of the article).

Israel wanted to shut me down, so I join the ranks of Jonathan Pollard or Tzaviya Sariel who have been bitterly punished by exposing how rotten the rulers of the place truly are. So, I can never go home anymore.
Big deal! Read an attorney's summation of my trial:

Dear Barry.

I wanted to share some thoughts about your case involving Itamar G'vir.

No one will ever know who is truly Shabak. Shabak is not compelled to openly identify themselves as the accusers in cases against Jews.

Facetiously, a person never arrested is sure to be Shabak (G'vir?) but then a person frequently arrested may also be Shabak (to be jail shtinker). So then who is really Shabak?

Now since truth is a complete defense (in civilized courts) to libel and slander, if G'vir is Shabak and you could prove it, you should be exempt from damages. But it is "legally" impossible to prove this in an Israeli court given the secrecy of the secret service. This defense was never available to you.

More puzzling, since Shabak is "godlike" in Israel (their allegations in court are infallible) how can it be actionable to call someone "Shabak?" Wouldn't such an identification be praiseworthy? Shouldn't you then be entitled to a reward or bonus?

To add to the confusion , the Courts of Israel traditionallly don't give damages for the loss of the reputation of a "right wing extremist" nor extract them from a left wing Bolshevik. Rabbi Meir Kahane was called a "Nazi" (contrary to law). His cause of action for damages was dismissed. Kastner, the capo, was judged "defamed" and paid a perutah in damages.

How could it happen that Barry Chamish was compelled to pay damages to Itamar G'vir reputed to be a "right wing extremist" for labeling G'vir "Shabak"?

This conclusion comes to mind.
The government of Israel wanted to discredit Barry Chamish.
The government of Israel wanted to make Barry Chamish appear to be unworthy of belief.
The government of Israel wanted to punish Barry Chamish for revealing uncomfortable
The government of Israel wanted to make it expensive for Barry Chamish, or any others to speak freely and critically.

To do this, the Issurreal government used the power of its corrupt courts to intimidate and silence individual freedom.

Herb Sunshine
Attorney at Law (US)

Honest and reasonable people know that Barry Chamish is right, that his premise is true, and that this assault against him is just another attempt by the corrupt Israeli oligarchy to shut him up. Regardless, the blood of Yitzhak Rabin still cries out for justice, as his murderers remain free.

Let an international committee, as called for by the Jerusalem-based Root and Branch Association, open the Yitzhak Rabin file and let truth be told.

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