Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Kahane's view of the Arab/Israeli conflict

If I remember Rabbi Kahane's view of the Arab/Israeli conflict correctly, his position was that Israel should drive all the Arabs in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank out of the land completely.

In other words, exactly what the Arabs would do to the Israelis if they could.

You don't remember it correctly. Meir Kahane taught that those SWORN ENEMIES of Israel, those HOSTILE ARABS resident in the Jewish Homeland, had to go, as anybody exercising logic would agree.

Meir Kahane taught that those exceptional Arabs who are willing to live in peace within the Promised Land of Israel could stay and enjoy civil rights and such, but no political powers that could be used to undermine Israeli sovereignty.


The Arabs, on the other hand, as is proven in the Arab-occupied parts of Israel, demand they are JUDENREIN, as Bush and Sharon and Condi Rice shamefully aided and abetted them, rewarding terrorism. And the Arabs call for the phased destruction of Israel, piece by piece, if not outright genocide against the Jews.

There is no moral equivalency between Nazi-Muslims and Meir Kahane.

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