Monday, March 30, 2009

Vatican-Israeli collaboration condemned

Warning Issued Not to Sign With Vatican
by Hillel Fendel

Pope Benedictus XVI is scheduled to arrive in Israel six weeks from now, and concern is growing over possibly irreversible Israeli concessions to the Church.

For more than ten years, Israel and the Vatican have been negotiating a diplomatic agreement regarding their tax dispute over Catholic Church properties in Israel, as well as other issues over which they disagree. Though public details are sparse to nil, Foreign Ministry officials say major progress has been made – leading many to fear that the Church will be granted a political and religious foothold in the Holy Land.

Though Church officials hope the agreement will be completed before the Pope’s arrival in May, this is not certain. The Foreign Ministry’s Bahij Mansour, who heads its religious affairs section, said two weeks ago, "We are 85-90% there.”

Mansour also said that most issues still in dispute would be resolved in a meeting in April. Different reports say the meeting will take place either April 7 or April 23 - before and after Passover, respectively - and is to involve relatively high-level officials from both the Vatican and Israel’s Foreign Ministry.

The Sanhedrin, a body of 71 rabbis that is attempting to renew the ancient tradition of Judaism’s most authoritative court, has written a public letter to Israel’s leading officials, warning that any agreement regarding the transfer of national, historic, and/or religious Jewish assets to the Catholic Church will be null and void and will not be recognized by Jewish authorities. ...more

The Vatican plot against Jerusalem exposed!
Jerusalem Under Siege!
The Secret Nazis Covet the Temple Mount

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Vatican is up to no good!

The Vatican's Plot Against Jerusalem
by Daisy J. Stern, MD

In this paper I describe the history of the secret agreements between Israel and the Vatican, how the Vatican manipulated and deceived the Jews into entering into these negotiations, how it interfered with the political process in Israel in order to gain sovereignty over Land in Israel it considers belongs to the Church; how these secret deals went on behind the back of the Jewish People and are about to be finalized before the visit of Benedict XVI to Israel; the consequences of finalizing the agreement - internationalization of Jerusalem, abandonment of Jewish sovereignty over its Divine inheritance to the Catholic Church, and permanent establishment of the Holy German Empire with the pope at its helm in Jerusalem; as well as the consequences of refusing to sign the final papers - worldwide, raging anti-Semitism, and loss of diplomatic relations with the Vatican...

Since the time of the Crusades, the Vatican had entrusted the CUSTODY of the HOLY LAND to the Franciscan Order in Jerusalem. Their function, essentially, consisted of helping the local Catholic population, as well as of watching over the properties the Church considered hers.

Now of course, let us not forget HOW those properties came about to belong to the Church in the first place: after the SACKING OF JERUSALEM BY ROME, which happened by PURE FORCE , BRUTALITY, AND UNSPEAKABLE HORRORS inflicted on the JEWISH POPULATION OF ISRAEL, the likes of which history has scant comparison for, AND AFTER ROBBING THE JEWISH PEOPLE OF ALL ITS POSSESSIONS, - the depiction of which is found to this day on the ARCH OF TITUS IN ROME, - and following the subsequent desolation of Judea, Samaria and all of the Land of Israel, various rulers assumed ownership of the Land, and felt free to trade in it as though it belonged to them, which of course it did not. STOLEN PROPERTY CANNOT BE TRADED AT WILL. TITLE TO STOLEN PROPERTY SOLD BY A THIEF IS INVALID AND ILLEGAL NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK AT IT. For example, take Madoff’s investors: even though they unwittingly, innocently and unknowingly came to possess stolen goods, they nevertheless have to return the loot. So much cannot be stated of the Catholic Church, which knew perfectly well that the goods and real estate in Jerusalem , Judea, the Galilee, etc, were STOLEN PROPERTY, yet still claimed, and claims, ownership for it all even after 2000 years . ESAV [Esau] WILL NOT WILLINGLY RETURN THE BLESSING OF ERETZ YISRAEL [Land of Israel] TO JACOB. REMEMBER, ROME IS ESAV - and I would venture to add, ROME HAS PROVEN BY ITS BEHAVIOR THAT IT IS AMALEK AS WELL.

In addition, let us not forget the brutality and massacres inflicted by the Crusaders on the local Jewish population... more

Sunday, March 22, 2009

New at

Heroes of Israel: Rabbi Yehoshua Fass by Nefesh B'Nefesh is bringing our people home.

Addicted by Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski Getting out of the quick-fix mentality.

Can This Engagement Be Saved? by Ariella Froman After getting engaged, I changed from a confident young woman to a depressed, emotional basket-case.

The Male Mind by M. Gary Neuman Three keys to understanding your man.

My Wake-Up Call by Moishe Mendlowitz I was like a wind-up toy going a mile a minute, until one day I fell off the table.

Aliyah Chronicles #8: Our First Six Months by Tara Eliwatt We've come a long way.

Nothing is Random: Ethics of the Fathers, 4:3 by Rabbi Yonason Goldson Thor Heyerdahl, Rosa Parks and Ben Azzai's great lesson.

Pesach: Anything's Possible! by Tamar Ansh Passover cuisine packed with flavor and flair.

An Arab-Made Misery by Nonie Darwish It is time for the Arab world to truly help the Palestinians, not use them.

Here Comes the Sun by Rabbi Reuven Spolter Mark your calendar for Judaism's once-in-28-year special event.

Exodus from Egypt: The Hidden Agenda, Part 1-5 by Rabbi David Fohrman Join Rabbi Fohrman in this groundbreaking video podcast, as he takes you on a journey to discover a hidden side to the Exodus.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

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Hero Noam Apter - With His Dying Breath Video


'Blessed Is The Match' - An award-winning true saga of the only rescue mission conducted to save the Jewish people during the Holocaust - by a young lady:

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The World's Obsession with Israel

It doesn't matter what is going on in the world, the focus is always on Israel. Why is Israel's land the desire of foreign nations? Why do Israel's leaders seem to go along with land give-aways even though it threatens Israel's own existence? What does Israel giving water to Jordan, the Russians, and the Pope all have in common? Barry Chamish joins Tamar and shares his views of what is going on behind the political scene, and why our leaders seem to be selling Israel out.

Audio: The World's Obsession with Israel


Beyond Babylon warns: Beware Roman wolves in sheep's clothing! Europe's New Crusade has its evil eye on Mount Zion and is after the Temple Mount.

The Vatican plot against Jerusalem exposed!

Israel must reject Vatican overtures for peace or lose Jerusalem! The bloody vulture Shimon Peres (Peres is Hebrew for vulture) is right where the Vatican-controlled Israeli oligarchy wants him to be: positioned as president of Israel, dark prince of perfidy, as orchestrated. Woe to Ariel! Jerusalem will soon suffer EU occupation: THE GERMANS ARE COMING!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Exposed: How Palestinian Fixers Manipulate their Media Bosses
View the footage as a former CNN employee launches a tirade against an Israeli MK.

BBC Digs Another Hole
Following a third Palestinian bulldozer attack, the BBC still won't learn.

BMJ's Bad Medicine
HR does its own research following the BMJ's attack.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dhimmi Mods at

Re: Dhimmi Mods at

The fact the "Israel forum" fails to permit this staunch Christian Zionist to post on that site should say something definitely isn't kosher about it.

Iran goes nuclear?

Ashkenazi in U.S.: IDF must prepare to strike Iran
Natasha Mozgovaya, Haaretz Correspondent
IDF Chief tells Dennis Ross that Israel is interested first in diplomacy, but cannot rule out other options.

As the United States called upon Israel to become their virtual protectorate during Operation Desert Storm, the European Union will offer Israel guarantees of peace and security. Europe, not the overextended and highly inflated United States, will take out Iran.

Europe to Take Out Iran For Jerusalem

Monday, March 16, 2009

Israel Today

Olmert blames Palestinians for lack of peace deal
PM says Abbas regime's refusal to compromise, as it insists Israel do, makes reaching peace very difficult more»

Europe to Netanyahu: Agree to Palestinian state, or else
Solana warns that relations between Israel and EU will sour if Netanyahu freezes land concessions more»

Palestinians slay Israeli police officers
Rocket fired into southern Israel; poll shows most average Palestinians still support the use of terrorism against Israel more»

Palestinians to hold elections this year, Hamas expected to win
Hamas and Fatah agree on general elections before Jan. 2010, but cannot agree on current unity government more»

Livni backtracks, gives Netanyahu conditions for joining gov't
Livni wants Netanyahu to commit to Palestinian state, and let her be prime minister for one year more»

Obama is bad for Israel, warns Bolton
Former UN ambassadors says Obama views Israel as root of all Middle East crises more»

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Vatican and Jerusalem

Re: The Vatican and Jerusalem

Anybody who vainly attempts to dismiss the bloody Vatican plot against Jerusalem, specifically against Mount Zion and the Temple Mount, are woefully ignorant or in denial of both the Bible and history.

I would like the Israelis to take pause and not rush too eagerly into relations now that the long awaited talks with the Vatican are approaching. The Vatican needs relations with Israel badly now so that it can have a say concerning the Holy Places in Jerusalem. A topic likely to come up during Arab-Israeli peace talks. - Bernard J. Shapiro

Pause? Cease and desist immediately! The bloody Vatican will throw fuel on the fires of the EU strike at Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem with their document of death, galvanizing political and religious forces in Europe’s New Crusade. For the Israelis to invite the fox into the chicken coop, the pagan pope to holy Jerusalem, is as shortsighted as welcoming the racist and antisemitic Bishop Tutu. Nothing like inviting disaster and failing to learn from history.

The Vatican library and hundreds of churches and monasteries throughout Europe are in possession of thousands of rare Hebrew manuscripts and books stolen from their rightful owners. Jewish ritual art and ceremonial objects of great value are in the hands of the Catholic church. At the very least, Israel must demand the return its manuscripts and Judaic objects. -Bernard J. Shapiro

The most important being the Sefer ha-Azarah and the sacred vessels and Temple treasures, which Gershon Salomon, chairman of the Temple Mount Faithful, has called upon the Vatican to return or suffer the consequences.

Will Rome learn from history and receive instruction from the Bible or harden their hearts and be destroyed like pharaoh and Babylon?

Will the pope act like Belshazzar or Cyrus?
The Vatican Must Return the Temple Treasures

Barry Chamish has been warning about the bloody Vatican agenda against Jerusalem for years, and his articles brought Joel Bainerman’s piece to light which I’ve gladly shared all over the internet to help educate others.

Mount Zion Coveted by Rome
Germany has never given up its dream of reviving the Holy Roman Empire. At the height of that empire, their greatest king, Frederick the Great, marched into Jerusalem and became the city’s king. Jerusalem was once part of the Holy Roman Empire and the dream is that it will be again. In this empire, the delineation of powers was strict. The pope was the spiritual leader, but the political leader was whoever ruled Germany. This dream led straight to World War I.

Pretty In Pink Jefferson Memorial


THE conPROMISED LAND by Barry Chamish

Isn't it time that I published a new book? Have a look at it.

Printed: 359 pages, 6" x 9", perfect binding, black and white interior ink

"Barry Chamish is an Israeli author you must read if you really want to understand Zionism." - Alan Stang, "Israel's most famous investigative reporter Barry Chamish gives readers the real inside story of the betrayal of Israelis by their own government." - Joel Skousen, "Chamish walks us through the (crimes) step by step, and shows us how the official story just doesn't add up." - Tamar Yonah. Barry Chamish wants to believe in the sentimental and uplifting Israeli message. This, however, can't be done unless the siege of Israel by immoral and secretive powers is permanently lifted. THE conPROMISED LAND does lift the veil on the worldwide crime syndicate that compromises not just Israel, but the future viability of the Jews as a people. THE conPROMISED LAND offers a detailed history of the compromise of Judaism by Labor Zionism leading to the quick dismembering of Israel taking place today. It is an accurate, disturbing but ultimately liberating history told by no one else.

To tell you the truth, I initially didn't believe I had enough left in me worth reading anymore. But as I gathered my work, much sent out to my readers, much brand new, I saw that my message was as relevant as ever. That is because nothing was ever done to remedy the ills I has reported from the beginning. My first American book, Traitors And Carpetbaggers In The Promised Land (Hearthstone Publishers), exposed all the issues tearing Israel apart today. So, going full circle, 12 years later I called the latest book THE conPROMISED LAND, in due deference to the impending victory of all of Israel's foes. (Barring the arrival of his Messiah or mine, but I don't touch the spiritual side in any of my works...deliberately).

Here are a few of the issues in THE conPROMISED LAND that I was the first to reveal way back in 1994.

In my political writing infancy in 1994, I reported that Yossi Beilin has begun negotiations with the Russians to grant them sovereign ruling status in selected parts of Jerusalem. Well, this month the Israeli government turned some 20% of its capital's downtown over to Russian national control. And just like in '94, no one cares. Imagine turning 20% of Washington over to Russia. You can't do it, can you? Of course not. Only Israel creates a Russian Vatican in the heart of its national capital.

Jerusalemites chafe as Russians resume control of Sergei Courtyard
By Nir Hasson Haaretz
Last update - 05:37 26/02/2009

After more than 100 years, the Russians have returned to Sergei Courtyard. Senior members of the Russian parliament and Eastern Orthodox Church have begun arriving at the site to begin renovation work as the structure reverts from Israeli to Russian control.

Back in '94, I reported that Shimon Peres had offered the Vatican sovereign control of all of East Jerusalem, including the holy sites of the situated religions and their branches. Now the pope is due to arrive in Jerusalem in May and Peres will be his official "escort." And with the Russian precedent in hand, The Vatican can legally demand the handover of "their" real estate and properties. Escort Peres may take the Holy See to the finest cafes, entertainment and for all we know, the classiest bordellos, but he won't be taking him to the Holocaust museum in Yad VaShem:

JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Pope Benedict XVI will not visit Israel's Holocaust museum when he makes his first trip to the region as pope in May, though he will visit an adjacent memorial, his ambassador to Israel said Tuesday.

That is because the Pope volunteered for the Wermacht and, no matter how they spin it, was a loyal Nazi soldier. If the Nazis had won, he'd be conducting mass for the SS today. Still, things didn't turn out so well, so he's biding his time trying to beatify Pope Pius XVI, the very monseigneur who oversaw the Holocaust, and postwar, saved as many of Europe's Nazis as possible in his monasteries before shipping them out worldwide. And Peres and Israel are welcoming the Nazi to the Jewish state as if there is no moral dilemma.

In 1994, I interviewed the Israeli negotiator of the Jordan-Israel Water Treaty. He tearfully explained that Israel is going to offer so much of its water for "peace" that the country would desiccate itself with twenty years. Turning back in bitter frustration, the whole story is included in THE conPROMISED LAND.

Should Israel keep giving water to neighbors?

Despite drought and impending water crisis, Jewish state continues to uphold agreements according to which it must provide 85 million cubic meters of water to Jordan, West Bank, Gaza, and has even supplied more than required...Israel is required to provide the Palestinians with 28.6 million cubic meters of water per year, with 5 million of them going to the Gaza Strip. In practice however, Israel has given the Palestinians, through direct supply and drilling permits in new wells, over 65 million cubic meters of water – over double the required amount. Israel is required to supply its neighbors with a total of 85 million cubic meters of water per year, but in reality actually transfers some 120 million cubic meters each year. According to the Israel Water Authority, the State will be 80 million cubic meters short of water, even after a number of water-saving steps are taken.


To my personal readers, let's celebrate the new book with a treat. I supply very alternative articles to a special list. I charge what each reader can afford. Look out. Today, you will be receiving a sample of other people's writing, which I don't necessarily agree with, for your edification. Let me know if you'd like to join this special list.

Finally, I have a long article on the Rabin murder coverup in a book called, They're Still Lying To Us. It is a very useful and entertaining volume.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Israel Today

Rockets hit south, Jerusalem stabbing attack foiled
Rocket damages southern kibbutz; two young Arabs caught with big knife, terrorist intentions in Jerusalem neighborhood more»

Palestinians reject US position, prefer Hamas over Abbas
Throwing off 'moderate' label, average Palestinians say they want blood-soaked terror group to rule them more»

Muslims desecrate Jewish holy books in Hebron
Muslims given entire Cave of Patriarchs to mark Mohammed's birthday vandalize Jewish areas of holy place more»

Netanyahu forced to go with right-wing government
Barak and Labor break off unity coalition talks; Netanyahu will preside over narrow 61-seat majority government more»

Europe decries Israel's 'illegal' takeover of Jerusalem
Internal EU document says Israel 'illegally annexing' Jerusalem, and then abusing its Arab population more»

Iran passes dreaded 'point of no return'
Israeli intel chief says international community has failed in its quest to stop Iran before it's too late more»

Monday, March 09, 2009

EU exposes their Jew hatred

The EU's Document of Death to Israel

To get a glaring glimpse of the increasingly murderous hatred, bigotry and disgusting bias against Jews and Israelis regarding the biblical city of Jerusalem (the fact Jerusalem is mentioned over 600 times in the Jewish Bible and not even once in the Koran speaks volumes), woeful ignorance at best, read this putrid portion of the EUOBSERVER document on Jerusalem:

EU heads of mission report on East Jerusalem

46. As described above, Christians and Muslims living east of the Separation Barrier/ wall are increasingly unable to reach their holy sites in East Jerusalem. Permits are only granted in limited numbers on the occasion of great celebrations. In addition, males under the age of 45, even if they can get into Jerusalem, are seldom allowed onto the Haram Al-Sharif compound in the old city (a site considered the third holiest in Islam). Indeed, Israel effectively exercises a veto on who enters the compound. Cameras have been placed at the entrance of the other gates to the Haram Al-Sharif, pointing inwards towards the compound, and Israeli Security personnel are stationed at the entrance to all of the gates determining who is granted access. In addition, by their control of the Mughrabi gate, Israel imposes an unregulated influx of tourists on the Haram without prior negotiation with the Waqf, the Jordanian Islamic authority with jurisdiction over the compound.

As a Christian who was forcibly denied my religious rights upon the Temple Mount by Nazi Muslims aided and abetted by Israeli authorities, who was denied my religious right to pray upon the Temple Mount on our holy Sabbath day and biblical festival by Nazi Muslims aided and abetted by Israeli authorities, and was denied my religious right to read the Bible upon the sacred site of the holy temples of the God of Israel by Nazi Muslims aided and abetted by Israeli authorities, as the Jewish Bible and Greek New Testament testify graced Jerusalem (contrary to Nazi Muslim lies), I take great umbrage at the EU's distorted version and partial view of this issue of religious freedom! Let them read A House of Prayer for All Peoples? and be ashamed.

Apparently it hasn't occurred to the EU that those Arab males under 45 who are "seldom" enabled to visit the Temple Mount seldom do so without rioting and inciting violence and murder against Jews, Israelis and Americans.

Why does the EU express concern for Muslim religious rights, when Judaism's holiest site, the Temple Mount, allegedly Islam's third holiest site (although Jerusalem is never mentioned once in the Koran), is off-limits to religious Jews to pray or worship upon, even on the biblical Jewish festivals? This is especially grievous in light of the fact that the Bible reveals the God of Israel commands Jews and Israelites to ascend His holy hill and worship Him there on His holy days, as well as righteous Gentiles.

The EU's miserable failure to truly respect biblical Christian and Jewish religious rights upon the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, as well as their vain attempts to ignore or dismiss Jewish biblical claims to the Promised Land of Israel - while advocating and pontificating for "Palestinians" - raises legitimate concerns that their document of destruction is akin to Fatah and Hamas and other terrorist organization's charters that seek Israel's phased destruction.

The EU's document of death to Israel is simply another political attempt to drive a stake into the heart of Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem, Europe's New Crusade, a concerted effort by those obsessed with an agenda to drive out the Jews from East Jerusalem, and invoke UN Resolution 181 as the FINAL SOLUTION, leaving the German-Jesuit EU in control of the coveted holy city.

For Zion's Sake,
David Ben-Ariel

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Purim Audio & Video

Purim Audio & Video

Purim Audio Classes
Discover more about Purim in these fascinating classes and lectures on the Purim themes.

Purim Videos
Watch how a real megilah is written by an expert scribe, experience the excitement of baking hamantaschen and enjoy an exciting performance of a reenactment of the Purim story

Purim Songs & Stories
Hear classic Purim songs, such as Shoshanat Yaakov, Chag Purim, V’Nahapoch Hu and Vayehi Bimei Achashveirosh

Megillah Reading

Beware Roman wolves in sheep's clothing!

Beyond Babylon warns: Beware Roman wolves in sheep's clothing! Europe's New Crusade that has its evil eye on Mount Zion and is after the Temple Mount.

Beyond Babylon warns: Don't be flattered by the pagan pope's proposals for peace! Don't be seduced by his Babylonian charm! Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem is at stake.

Beyond Babylon warns: The German-Jesuit jackboot will stomp Jerusalem!

Never Forget: Yitzhak Rabin was sacrificed by the Israeli oligarchy for their German-Jesuit masters intent on occupying Jerusalem and ripping the heart out of Israel. Watch for them to invoke UN Resolution 181.

Vatican Linked to the Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin?
Mount Zion Coveted by Rome
UN Resolution 181: Blueprint of the Beast?

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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Beware the bloody pope!

Israel must reject Vatican overtures for peace or lose Jerusalem!

The bloody vulture Shimon Peres (Peres is Hebrew for vulture) is right where the Vatican-controlled Israeli oligarchy wants him to be: positioned as president of Israel, dark prince of perfidy, as orchestrated. Woe to Ariel! Jerusalem will soon suffer EU occupation: THE GERMANS ARE COMING!


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Jerusalem under siege

Re: Israel has already forfeited Jerusalem

Shame on those who aid and abet the Nazi Muslims - both within the Obamunist regime and the UNJews who run Israel into the ground.

All this is child’s play for what the bloody Vatican has in store. Why Israel enables the sorcerer-pope to plan to come up to Jerusalem with his dark heart, representative of accursed replacement theology, shows how sick the Jewish soul has become.

Mount Zion Under Siege: Who Will Be King of the Mountain?

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Vatican after Jerusalem

If somebody tells you folks are up in Heaven, they don't know what they're talking about. The Bible reveals the biblical heroes are dead & buried, waiting for the return of Christ and their resurrection.

John 3
13 No one has ascended to heaven but He who came down from Heaven...

Acts 2
29 “Men and brethren, let me speak freely to you of the patriarch David, that he is both dead and buried, and his tomb is with us to this day...
34 “For David did not ascend into the heavens...

Hebrews 13
13 These all died in faith, not having received the promises...
39 And all these, having obtained a good testimony through faith, did not receive the promise, 40 God having provided something better for us, that they should not be made perfect apart from us.

1 Corinthians 15
51 Behold, I tell you a mystery: We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed— 52 in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

1 Thessalonians 4:13-14
13 But I do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning those who have fallen asleep, lest you sorrow as others who have no hope. 14 For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with Him those who sleep in Jesus.

Revelation 22
12 “And behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to every one according to his work.

Check out this article for more surprising information on this divine subject:

Born Again and Heaven and Hell

And for information on Roman Catholic efforts to wrest Jerusalem from the Jews:

Mount Zion Under Siege: Who Will Be King of the Mountain?
Mount Zion Coveted by Rome
Vatican Linked to the Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin?

Rout Obama

Military officers from the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines are working with California attorney Orly Taitz and her Defend Our Freedoms Foundation, citing a legal right established in British common law nearly 800 years ago and recognized by the U.S. Founding Fathers to demand documentation that may prove – or disprove – Barack Obama's eligibility to be president.

More military officers demand eligibility proof

Monday, March 02, 2009

Birthers expose Obama

Emperor Obama

Why has Obama FAILED to prove he's a natural born citizen? Shame on conservative cowards who have FAILED to demand proof! This is further proof America is under a curse