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Does being a Christian entail conversion to Judaism?

Abdul Alhazred wrote:
David Ben-Ariel wrote:Actually, Christians who believe the Bible don't eat pork either...

Does being a Christian entail conversion to Judaism?

Absolutely not, as Judaism isn't all there, it is incomplete (which is why Yeshua came to magnify the Law and the Prophets and fulfill many prophecies). However, becoming a Christian does entail forsaking pagan practices and idolatrous thoughts (Isa. 55:7-9).

God doesn't only love the Jews and Israelites, but all mankind.

Have you never read where our Great Creator God revealed these dietary laws to Noah - long before the patriarch Judah, son of Jacob-Israel, was born or "Judaism" evolved?

Noah took two of every unclean critter into the Ark, and took seven of the clean. All mankind knew this dietary distinction and most later forgot it, either through woeful neglect or rebellion - an unhealthy rejection of the divine menu due to covetousness - and God restored it to Israel (all Twelve Tribes of Israel) to share with the world.

Genesis 7

1 Then the LORD said to Noah, “Come into the ark, you and all your household, because I have seen that you are righteous before Me in this generation. 2 You shall take with you seven each of every clean animal, a male and his female; two each of animals that are unclean, a male and his female; 3 also seven each of birds of the air, male and female, to keep the species alive on the face of all the earth.

This is a Cultural/Religious War

This is a Cultural/Religious War

Moshe Feiglin was in New York on 9/11. Two weeks later he wrote this profound article, Why America Has Already Lost the War.

For him it was a cultural/religious war. The same war that Israel had been fighting for a century and losing. Islam destroyed the greatest symbol of the West, he wrote, namely the Twin Towers and nothing less would do but to destroy Mecca, Medina and al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

Instead America organized a mighty coalition to go after cave dwellers in Afghanistan, hornets if you will, while ignoring the nest. It even called the religion, that has been at war with Christianity since its inception, and in whose name the Twin Towers were destroyed, a "religion of peace". It seeks to accommodate its mortal enemy rather than destroy it.

The "peace process" is aimed at destroying Judaism's symbols, in that it seeks to remove from Jewish sovereignty its biblical heartland and Jerusalem. What will be left?

He explained the conflict,

Two deviant daughters came forth from Judaism but left the fold to conquer the world: Christianity and Islam. Both hate their mother and both fight each other.

Judaism integrates the qualities of strict justice and mercy, in harmony and in proper measure. Christianity took only the quality of mercy while Islam took the quality of strict justice.

The Moslems see with jealousy how the culture based on Christian mercy succeeds in gaining control over the world. Let everyone come and benefit from the cornucopia open to all — to everyone we proffer the other cheek, and the whole body, in fact. Come and take your part in the wealth, come and enter the gates of the World Trade Center. We aren’t conquering you with the sword, but with gold.

Please think about what he has written and then comment on Israpundit.

If you disagree with his thesis' please explain how the west is to win and what winning means.

Ted Belman

If only the United States and Israel would have listened to Meir Kahane, rabbi, former Israeli parliament member, great Jewish patriot, when he called upon us to terrorize the terrorists. Only then could we truly claim to be fighting a war against terrorism with every intention of WINNING it - not engage in endless battles, skirmishes, etc. to benefit the globalists and Military Industrial Complex (important parts of the equation Feiglin failed to address).

We could still hear and heed Meir Kahane’s biblical call and wisdom, but will we?

USA Must Have Guts to Terrorize Terrorists
(as appeared in USA Today, February 12, 1987)

Feiglin must have flunked history. It is professing Christians (many Israelite in origin) whom God used to bring the world PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH. So much for MF’s assertion Christianity is strictly mercy and Islam strictly justice. Biblical Christianity tempers judgment with mercy.

Should Christians Judge?

Onward Christian Soldiers!

Furthermore, traditional Christianity is not a deviant daughter of Judaism (they are daughters of the apostate Roman Catholic Church/Babylonian Mystery religion the New Testament condemns).

For the record, biblical Christianity is a continuation of the biblical religion, founded on the holy day of Shavuot in Jerusalem, and taken to heart by Jews who accepted Yeshua’s teachings, His magnification of the Law and the Prophets (to include the spirit and intent, not just the letter of the law), a new and improved religion so to speak, while Judaism remained stunted and self-righteous.

Comment by David BenAriel — March 31, 2008 @ 8:48 pm

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Politics in the Church of God Hinders Progress

Politics in the Church of God Hinders Progress
Gerald Flurry refused to go forward with Beyond Babylon and fell backwards, treading old ground and is now going in circles, business as usual, as Europe rises and Judah and Israel have yet to be warned.

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God and the Gays

God and the Gays - To Be or Not to Be (Part 1)
Homosexuality.... Is it a matter of choice? Are some born that way? And if so, then how could God condemn it? Or does He? Does it make a difference?

God and the Gays - All That Glitters Isn't Gold (Part 2)
The gay bar scene or high risk promiscuous sex... Is it so happy-go-lucky? Something so sweet and wonderful we'd "wish you were here?" Or is it actually something you wouldn't wish upon your worst enemy?

God and the Gays - Once Gay, Always Gay? (Part 3)
Once gay always gay? How about once an adulterer always an adulterer? Better yet, once a sinner always a sinner (1 Cor. 6:11; 1 John 1:9)? WHO says so?

God and the Gays - Of Vice and Men (Part 4)
Everyone - gay or straight - has the "fire" within (1 Cor. 7:9). Some burn more than others, but it's still there. God understands proper sexual desire and simply commands that we develop His character to control and channel it. He knows our human need to love and be loved, to touch and feel, to give of ourselves totally in a reciprocal relationship.

God and the Gays - A Time to Heal (Part 5)
God calls people from all walks of life and performs a miracle in their minds: they're offered a fresh perspective, given a new outlook, and enabled to try a different approach (Philip. 2:5). Their former "records" aren't held against them and they're started out with a new attitude and identity (2 Cor. 5:17).

God and the Gays - Make Up Your Mind (Part 6)
We can make things easier or more difficult for ourselves. Either you're totally convinced God's way is right and worth living, or you're not sure and continually ride the fence and risk rupture; tormenting yourself and sending out conflicting signals and confusing signs (Matt. 6:24; 7:16).

Should We Expel Arabs or Jews?

"It's outrageous that a country that calls itself a democracy can put someone on trial for making a referendum," Ben-Yakov told the press before sentencing. "A referendum is the purest form of democracy.”

Six-Month Sentence for Asking: Should We Expel Arabs or Jews?

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The Issue of the Temple Mount

The common knowledge of our time is that the vast majority of Rabbis of this generation have prohibited the Jewish people from entering the Temple Mount (Har HaBayit), the holiest site in Judaism. The Temple Mount is the site of where the Beit HaMikdash (the Jewish Temple) once stood and the place where the Moslems have erected one mosque, the al-Aqsa and a site of pilgrimage, the Dome of the Rock.

Understanding Arabs

Alan Caruba (

Seven years passed 9/11 and five years passed the invasion of Iraq, Americans are still trying to figure out what makes Arabs behave the way they do.
Understanding Arabs - March 23, 2008

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Arrogant Jew?

David Ben-Ariel has left a new comment on the post "Holy Hole!":

If you're so eager for the Messiah to arrive, why don't you follow Judaism to Israel and help hasten his arrival? The Temple Mount is in Jerusalem, not these Lands of the Covenant (partial inheritance of Joseph - Menashe). You don't have to stay in your self-imposed exile, especially since you hypocritically appear to hate all professing Christians, failing to distinguish between our differences, as carelessly as some mark all Jews as liberals and enemies of mankind. Priests and Levites are supposed to know how to differentiate between things.

Some rabbis consider Christianity idolatry, others don't. Some of us recognize pagan elements in both professing Christianity and Judaism and call for both Israel and Judah to clean house.

Israel and Judah Must Get House in Order Before King Messiah Arrives

And please stop beating your chest about real or imagined persecution of Jews by Christians (mainly by Catholics who are not Christian, and who also persecuted Sabbath-keeping Christians), or vainly thinking that all Christians need your approval or care to show you anything but tough love, as necessary. I know this Christian Zionist doesn't. Some of us strive to please God - not those who play God. Besides, Jews are their own worst enemy, as both the Bible and history has proven time again.

Shimon Peres Came to Power Over Rabin's Dead Body

Ariel Sharon: From Zionist to Traitor

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German-Jesuit Jackboot to Stomp Jerusalem!

I've been warning about German-Jesuit designs on Jerusalem for years - persistent and consistent, God knows - and current events are confirming what I've said.

"The one time The Traveller did run a political piece, it ruffled feathers with the local authorities. In 'Will Jerusalem become an international city?' by American writer David Ben-Ariel, readers were warned about a German-Vatican plot to take over Jerusalem, urged to take back the Temple Mount and dislodge 'as symbols of foreign occupation' Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock."

Exposing the German-Vatican Plot to Occupy Jerusalem

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March 20, 2008

For decades, the United Nations has ignored the plight of Jewish refugees from Arab countries. Now they are no longer be able to do so. For the first time ever, appearing in Geneva at the United Nations Human Rights Council, was a Jewish refugee from an Arab country, Regina Bublil-Waldman, who fled Libya in 1967, in fear of her life.

Also appearing at a public program for UN officials and NGOs were Sylvain Abitbol, Co-President of the Canadian Jewish Congress who is originally from Morocco and Stanley A. Urman, Executive Director of Justice for Jews from Arab Countries.

Celebrating her heritage, Mrs. Bublil-Waldman appeared before the UN Human Rights Council wearing her grandmother’s Libyan wedding dress. At the same time, she was “mourning” the loss of her heritage, as in 1948, there were 36,000 Jews living in Libya. Today, there are none left. Ms. Bublil-Waldman ultimately resettled in the United States where she founded JIMENA (Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa).

At the NGO conference, Mr. Abitbol brought a message of hoped-for peace and reconciliation. He recalled that King Muhammad V intervened to protect Jews living in Morocco from the Nazi regime. While recognizing the historical plight faced by Jews who lived for millennia in Arab countries, Mr. Abitbol expressed the hope that these displaced Jews can serve as an important bridge to the Arab world, much as he does now in his business and community life.

A Report entitled “Justice for Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries: The Case for Rights and Redress” was presented to the United Nations Human Rights Council. Published by Justice for Jews from Arab Countries, the Report contains documents - recently discovered in the U.N. archives - that reveal a pattern of state-sanctioned oppression that precipitated the mass exodus of Jews from 10 Arab countries.

“The Report discloses the pernicious and prejudicial role played by the U.N. in excluding Jewish refugees from Arab countries from the justice and peace agenda” said Stanley Urman, Executive Director of Justice for Jews from Arab Countries. “This is not just a case of justice delayed, but justice denied. Indeed, the displacement of 850,000 Jews from Arab countries is not just a ‘Forgotten Exodus’ but a ‘Forced Exodus.”

Editor’s note:

Photo available at:

Waldman speech:

Justice for Jews from Arab Countries is a coalition of 77 Jewish communities and organizations in 20 countries, operating under the auspices of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and the American Sephardi Federation, in partnership with the American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress, the Anti-Defamation League, B'nai Brith International, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs and the World Sephardic Congress.

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Rotting Russian Compound in Jerusalem's dark heart

Bar Association: Girls Held in Subhuman Conditions
by Ezra HaLevi and Gil Ronen

( The Prisons Service Committee of the Israel Bar Association published a scathing report Wednesday on the prison conditions of five minor girls who were arrested at a protest in Jabel Mukaber earlier this week, investigative journalist Yoav Yitzchak's News First Class reports.

The committee members visited the Russian Compound detention center and interviewed the five girls, aged 14 to 17, who refused to identify themselves before the authorities...

Prisons Service Angry at Bar for Publishing Report
Prisons Service spokesman Lt. Col. Yaron Zamir responded to the report by the Bar Association's Prisons Service Committee by attacking the Bar Association. This was not the first time, he said, that the Bar Association "sent a report to the media before it was sent to the Prisons' Service." When the IPS receives the report it will comment on it, he said.

Zamir noted that "extensive funds have been poured into changing the Jerusalem detention center and improving living conditions there."

MK Zevulun Orlev (NU/NRP) said that "the report shows that the Prisons Service is behaving in an inhumane manner reminiscent of dark regimes," which cannot be allowed to exist in Israel as a law abiding country.


I see nothing is new under the sun concerning the rotting Russian Compound in the dark heart of Jerusalem. That's where the Bolsheviks imprisoned me before my unjust deportation, and our former Consul General Edward Abington, Jr. shamefully turned a blind eye to the politico-religious persecution against a fellow American, since he's bought and paid for by the PLO - was then and now, so it appears.

Various Israelis have called for the Russian Compound's demolition for years, and yet it still stands - as does the corruption that runs rampant throughout the Israeli oligarchy controlled country.

American Detained in Jerusalem's Russian Compound

Israel's Unjust Deportation of David Ben-Ariel

Counterfeit Christianity feeds Jewish stereotypes

Re: #78 as the first xtians appeared they realised the sparks of the Light of Judaism in it and VERY happy to learn that xtianity - in contrast to Judaism - was cheap and reachable for everyone since it does not demand any deep effort but only the uttering of a “credo”.

Your cheap shots and shallow stereotypes expose a woeful or willful ignorance of biblical Christianity, which unlike traditional “Christianity” is a Bible-based religion that is far more than merely uttering a “credo,” but one that faithfully keeps the biblical Sabbath, biblical festivals, biblical dietary laws in spirit and in truth, in attitude and in action, their meanings magnified and expanded by Yeshua, the King of the Jews, the King of Israel, who will soon return and teach Torah properly to all nations from Jerusalem, beginning with repentant Jews and British-Israelites who will then be called upon to serve as a light to all nations, a model nation: believe it or not.

Shame on Gentilized Christianity for misrepresenting Yeshua and the New Covenant (”New Testament”) with their baptized paganism and replacement theology, their counterfeit Christianity that follows (as the NT warns), “another Jesus,” a “different gospel” and a different “spirit.”

Israel and Judah Must Get House in Order Before King Messiah Arrives

Comment by David BenAriel — March 20, 2008 @ 1:03 pm

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Ethnic cleansing in Israel?

Does Israel need an excuse to defeat their sworn enemies? I don't think so.

Israel needs to cleanse the Jewish Homeland of their sworn Arab enemies; it's true - a massive security sweep of such treacherous filth. However, it's more about the Arab's murderous hatred, their insane jealousy, their bloody covetousness and violent occupation of the Promised Land of Israel, than their ethnic origins. Instead, illogically, the Israelis have expelled Jews - rewarding Nazi-Muslim terrorism! When will they ever learn Meir Kahane was right?

Ariel Sharon: From Zionist to Traitor

Lying Visions of Peace

Parents of Slain Son Cry For An End to Deadly Peace Process

Jewish Youth in Paris Call Peres 'Traitor' for Arming Arabs

'You killed them!'
At this point a Jewish man stood up and shouted at Peres: "Thousands of Israelis were murdered because of you since Oslo!" As part of the Oslo accords, the Rabin-Peres government transferred tens of thousands of assault rifles to Yasser Arafat's forces reasoning that Arafat would help defend Israel by fighting other Arab terror factions.

Then ten young people also stood up and began to shout "traitor" in Hebrew ("boged!"). They also accused Peres of being responsible for the killing of the eight Mercaz Harav students. "Your guns killed them!," they shouted...

Israel's Betrayal of the Jews

Shimon Peres Has No Clothes: Where's the Peace?
Shimon Peres Came to Power Over Rabin's Dead Body
Shimon Peres Charged with the Murder of Yitzhak Rabin?

Jewish Youth in Paris Call Peres 'Traitor' for Arming Arabs

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The curse of militant minorities & illegal aliens

David Ben-Ariel
Sat Mar 15, 2008 8:17PM

Actually, much of what you've said is true - we are suffering the consequences of our sins, as I clearly state in my writings. If we (White Israelites) would get back into our place with God, where we belong, others would either go back or be put back in their place.

May 1: Illegal Immigration Day Defused!

Death to America: Major American Cities Targeted by Terrorists?

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Yeshua is the Lion of God, not some pacifist pussy

Yeshua said He upheld the Law and the Prophets, which includes the right to national security and self-defense as taught in the Law of Moses (Malachi 4:4), and wasn't the pacifist pussies make Him out to be (Matthew 5:17).

Yeshua will soon return as the Lion of Judah, the Lion of God, and reign with a ROD OF IRON - not some pussy willow.

Onward Christian Soldiers!

Separation of Church and State? Says Who?

God's One Government Has Two Branches!

Who is Barry Chamish?

Barry Chamish is an investigative Israeli author. He was the first to expose the Israeli government's complicity in the murder of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. They set up Israeli agent provocateur, Yigal Amir, to be their stooge to discredit the "right" in Israel through Israeli agent (Shabak) Avishai Aviv - a documented government agent provocateur.

Avishai Raviv, Eyal, and Yitzhak Rabin

Shimon Peres Came to Power Over Rabin's Dead Body

Shimon Peres Charged with the Murder of Yitzhak Rabin?

Vatican Linked to the Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin?

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Yigal Amir Didn't Kill Yitzhak Rabin

Why did the three doctors who operated on Rabin submit, in their handwritten medical report, that Rabin suffered a gunshot wound to the chest, when Amir was seen firing at Rabin only from behind?

Medical record submitted by the three doctors who operated on Rabin. Note the clear English description of the wound: "GSW (gun shot wound) to chest and abdomen"

• Why did security guard Yoram Rubin testify before the Shamgar Commission that Rabin was shot at 9:50 PM, when in fact Yigal Amir was arrested at 9:30 PM?

• Why did Rabin's driver, Menachem Damti, testify before the Commission and at Amir's trial that he drove to Ichilov Hospital in less than two minutes, when the ride actually took over 20 minutes? Could this question be connected to the previous one?

• Why did Rabin's top aide Eitan Haber destroy evidence? He told the Commission that he took Rabin's possessions from Ichilov Hospital, and later told the Jerusalem newspaper Kol Ha'ir that on the same night he cleaned out Rabin's filing cabinets at the Prime Minister's office.

• Why did official State Pathologist Dr. Yehuda Hiss remove the mention of a chest and spine wound from the autopsy report, when in fact all the other doctors there, including Gutman, Sneh and Barabash, reported that Rabin died of a shattered spine with bullet entry through the chest?

• Why did the chief judge at Yigal Amir's trial, Edmond Levy, dismiss the testimony of police forensics expert Inspector Baruch Gladstein, who proved categorically that one gun shot was fired into Rabin at point-blank range - about a half-meter closer than Amir ever got to Rabin?

The late Adir Zik, Arutz-7's popular broadcaster who waged a long struggle to uncover the truth behind the Rabin assassination and the campaign of incitement against the nationalist campaign that followed it, often said that his main objection to the official version was the behavior of the guards. He said that from his conversations with members of the VIP bodyguard unit, he knew they were trained to shoot immediately if a gun is drawn in the immediate vicinity of the VIP.

"VIP bodyguards told me," said Zik, "that if, through some foul-up, an assassin were to fire one shot, he would be filled with bullets long before firing a second. How is it possible that Amir was able to get off not only two, but three shots, without being felled by the guards?" He concluded that they had been instructed previously not to shoot - and that this could only be if it was coordinated in advance that the "assassin" would in fact be firing only blanks.

Amir Didn't Kill Rabin


Bangladeshi government doesn't drop charges against Salah Choudhury

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Beyond Babylon by David Ben-Ariel

Forbes Reinforces Claim That Kadima is Tool of Oligarchs

Reinforces Claim That Kadima is Tool of Oligarchs
by Ezra HaLevi

According to the report, the business groups are controlled by the following families: Sami Ofer, Nochi Dankner, Shari Arison, the Cerberus-Gabriel consortium, Charles Bronfman, Yitzchak Tshuva, the Saban group, Lev Leviev, Matthew Bronfman, Tzadik Bino, the Borovich family, and Eliezer Fishman. The 12 families own 60 percent of the aggregate market value of all Israeli public companies (excluding the even larger Teva Pharmaceutical Industries), Forbes reported.

The report goes on to say that the families have constructed their empires, which consist of Israel's largest companies, using organizational structures that have long ago been done away with in the Western world.

The report explains that the groups have an inordinate amount of control over Israel's economy, political leaders and media due to the structuring of their holdings as pyramids – meaning several layers of companies each own others beneath them but are all beholden to the leading families. Such a phenomenon was eliminated in the US in the early 20th century through restrictions on ownership and the double taxation of dividends a company paid its owner company.

The report stressed that the issue is not economic, but political – saying the only way to regulate the power of the families is a large government coalition that would seek such regulation.

Shavit, a commentator for the left-wing Haaretz daily, recently warned that the Kadima Party, led by Ehud Olmert, directly represents the interests of "the 18 families," as Shavit refers to those controlling most of Israel's assets. Shavit warned that a Kadima victory would represent a total takeover of control of all the central institutions of the state by the families. He wrote a mock-memo, as a "strategic advisor to the 18 families" on the eve of elections:

"Dear Wealthy Families,
"...For the last 15 years my colleagues and I have been laboring faithfully and devotedly to assure your conquest over the democratic systems of said country. Over the years, we reached outstanding achievements. We have managed to create a society devoid of opposition for you, one without any parties worthy of note, without labor unions worth the name, without sniping journalists. We thus achieved almost perfect control over the Israeli consciousness, and over the government and political establishment.

"We can state, with great satisfaction, that there is no political power in Israel today that can stop us; there is no public debate that could restrain us; and there no investigative journalism that can imperil us. Thanks to methodical, professional work over a decade, we have achieved absolute hegemony for you. A hegemony that wealth never had in any western country worthy of the name.

"...We had to set up a political body that would serve us faithfully and put One of Us at its head. We had to harness all the assets we bought in the last decade to assure its victory, to ensure that the government shared our views, bears our arms, does our bidding.

"...But the issue isn't just personal. As a vehicle, Kadima has the political structure we always dreamed of, being a party with no members and no institutions and no ideology. The new ruling party will be a vastly valuable tool to achieve our goals. Since it has no obligations downward, only upward, it will enable us to seize full control over the Israeli government. Police, prosecution, treasury - it will all be in our hands. Even the antitrust commissioner. The Supervisor of Banks. Even the Supreme Court will be manned with new, friendly faces. Like Berlusconi's Italy or Putin's Russia, Israel of Kadima will be a paradise for corporate control. The decrepit democratic regime of the 20th century will be replaced by a reign of the oligarchs with absolute economic power."

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Kahane's view of the Arab/Israeli conflict

If I remember Rabbi Kahane's view of the Arab/Israeli conflict correctly, his position was that Israel should drive all the Arabs in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank out of the land completely.

In other words, exactly what the Arabs would do to the Israelis if they could.

You don't remember it correctly. Meir Kahane taught that those SWORN ENEMIES of Israel, those HOSTILE ARABS resident in the Jewish Homeland, had to go, as anybody exercising logic would agree.

Meir Kahane taught that those exceptional Arabs who are willing to live in peace within the Promised Land of Israel could stay and enjoy civil rights and such, but no political powers that could be used to undermine Israeli sovereignty.


The Arabs, on the other hand, as is proven in the Arab-occupied parts of Israel, demand they are JUDENREIN, as Bush and Sharon and Condi Rice shamefully aided and abetted them, rewarding terrorism. And the Arabs call for the phased destruction of Israel, piece by piece, if not outright genocide against the Jews.

There is no moral equivalency between Nazi-Muslims and Meir Kahane.

Ariel Sharon: From Zionist to Traitor

Don't Expel Jews From Gaza!

Parents of Slain Son Cry For An End to Deadly Peace Process

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The Government of Israel Seeks to Discredit Barry Chamish

by Barry Chamish

Well, my fine readers, I made the headlines in Israel again. I lost the following "legal" action:

Is calling rightist a ‘Shin Bet agent’ libelous?
Website owner Barry Chamish ordered by court to pay Itamar Ben-Gvir NIS 36,000 in damages
Aviram Zino
Published: 03.06.08, 11:25 / Israel News

Barry Chamish, owner of several internet websites, was ordered Thursday by the Magistrates’ Court to pay extreme right-wing activist Itamar Ben-Gvir NIS 36,000 (about $10,000) for referring to the latter as a Shin Bet agent on one of his sites.

Magistrates' Court Judge Oded Shaham ruled that this statement is libelous in nature, and ordered Chamish to pay Ben-Gvir the aforementioned sum in damages.

According to the court's verdict, on April 15, 2005, Hamish published an article on his website entitled "Eskins Folly".

In the aforementioned article, Hamish stated that "Ben Gvir is clearly …a Shin Bet agent, a provocateur. He had committed criminal offenses so many times over…. He is on trial every other month but is always acquitted on some technicality…" Several additional articles in this vane are furthermore quoted in the verdict.

Judge Shaham noted that "these publications portrayed Ben-Gvir as a dishonest and dangerous man. Ben-Gvir was deemed a traitor to his right-wing cause in these articles, and was even accused of committing fraud.

"Some of these articles indicate that Ben-Gvir, while apparently opposed to the Gaza pullout, worked actively to thwart all opposition to the disengagement, and others even stated that he convinced a man to stone an innocent bystander to death. All of these assertions undoubtedly constitute libel."

In reaction to the verdict Ben-Gvir stated, "I have no doubt that some of the malicious rumors circulating about me originated from Shin Bet, and were designed to cause rifts and arguments.

"I never, however, stopped working on behalf of the Jewish people and the ;and of Israel, irrespective of how hard the Left has tired to stop me."

What should be known is I didn't even fight this case. I knew it was lost in the rigged world of the Israeli court system. I found out how crooked the courts are while fighting Avigdor Eskin. After losing the case, as is my right, I submitted an appeal based on another trial where Eskin told the court that, "I have worked for the Shabak." Two witnesses, attorney Dov Even-Or and my lovely girlfriend at the time, Zippora, watched me take the court files to be notarized and submit the appeal to the judge. And they watched the judge flaunt Israeli law by refusing to accept my right to appeal. I knew then that I was supposed to lose and all legal avenues would be employed to defend a state agent.

In my last months in Israel, I reported that Sharon was poisoned just before his stroke and then, I had a stroke. This was followed by time-wasting and expensive law suits and concluded with a car "accident" that almost killed me. I ran for my life and if police snitch Ben Gvir expects to see even a dime from me, it won't ever be in Israel. I don't accept the Israeli courts as legitimate houses of justice, nor do I accept the Israeli government as the rightful rulers of the Jews. In that cuckoo land, calling someone an agent of the secret services is libelous and writers can't present objective facts lest they feel the wrath of the Mafia's courts. ( see those facts at the end of the article).

Israel wanted to shut me down, so I join the ranks of Jonathan Pollard or Tzaviya Sariel who have been bitterly punished by exposing how rotten the rulers of the place truly are. So, I can never go home anymore.
Big deal! Read an attorney's summation of my trial:

Dear Barry.

I wanted to share some thoughts about your case involving Itamar G'vir.

No one will ever know who is truly Shabak. Shabak is not compelled to openly identify themselves as the accusers in cases against Jews.

Facetiously, a person never arrested is sure to be Shabak (G'vir?) but then a person frequently arrested may also be Shabak (to be jail shtinker). So then who is really Shabak?

Now since truth is a complete defense (in civilized courts) to libel and slander, if G'vir is Shabak and you could prove it, you should be exempt from damages. But it is "legally" impossible to prove this in an Israeli court given the secrecy of the secret service. This defense was never available to you.

More puzzling, since Shabak is "godlike" in Israel (their allegations in court are infallible) how can it be actionable to call someone "Shabak?" Wouldn't such an identification be praiseworthy? Shouldn't you then be entitled to a reward or bonus?

To add to the confusion , the Courts of Israel traditionallly don't give damages for the loss of the reputation of a "right wing extremist" nor extract them from a left wing Bolshevik. Rabbi Meir Kahane was called a "Nazi" (contrary to law). His cause of action for damages was dismissed. Kastner, the capo, was judged "defamed" and paid a perutah in damages.

How could it happen that Barry Chamish was compelled to pay damages to Itamar G'vir reputed to be a "right wing extremist" for labeling G'vir "Shabak"?

This conclusion comes to mind.
The government of Israel wanted to discredit Barry Chamish.
The government of Israel wanted to make Barry Chamish appear to be unworthy of belief.
The government of Israel wanted to punish Barry Chamish for revealing uncomfortable
The government of Israel wanted to make it expensive for Barry Chamish, or any others to speak freely and critically.

To do this, the Issurreal government used the power of its corrupt courts to intimidate and silence individual freedom.

Herb Sunshine
Attorney at Law (US)

Honest and reasonable people know that Barry Chamish is right, that his premise is true, and that this assault against him is just another attempt by the corrupt Israeli oligarchy to shut him up. Regardless, the blood of Yitzhak Rabin still cries out for justice, as his murderers remain free.

Let an international committee, as called for by the Jerusalem-based Root and Branch Association, open the Yitzhak Rabin file and let truth be told.

Shimon Peres Came to Power Over Rabin's Dead Body
Shimon Peres Charged with the Murder of Yitzhak Rabin?
Avishai Raviv, Eyal, and Yitzhak Rabin
Vatican Linked to the Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin?

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The Guessing Game

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If I had to guess, Ariel is in a violent cult which even rightwing Israelis don't want anything to do with.
LOL. I hope you don't play the guessing game often, as you would certainly be a BIG LOSER.

The reasons for my unjust deportation from Israel are documented and amount to politico-religious persecution, plain and simple, as honest observers know.

Exposing the German-Vatican Plot to Occupy Jerusalem

Still at Large!

Blow Up the Mosques or An Expired Visa?

Drop the Bomb on Gaza

Israel should give a 3 day notice, seven at tops, for the Gazans to get out, to go to Egypt or any of their many Arab countries of origin, and then DROP THE BOMB and cauterize the bleeding wound of Gaza - then encourage Jews to resettle that part of the Promised Land of Israel, and turn the desert into a rose, with the help of God. They don't call it the "Green Line" for nothing.

Israel's Betrayal of the Jews

Don't Expel Jews From Gaza!

Ariel Sharon: From Zionist to Traitor

Israel's Only Way Out: Follow Kahane!

Why the Bible Bans Barack Obama from Being US President

Deuteronomy 17
15 shall surely set a king over you whom the LORD your God chooses; one from among your brethren you shall set as king over you; you may not set a foreigner over you, who is not your brother.

Why the Bible Bans Barack Obama from Being US President

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dance on the Eve of Destruction?

Dance on the Eve of Destruction?

If you truly believe the "last days" are near, and that everything is coming to a close, then why are you so uptight?
Yes, I truly believe we are in the last days of civilization, as we know it, and I am deeply concerned at our personal and national choices that seem bent on self-destruction, and sigh and cry over our imminent famine, destruction and houses left desolate (Ezek. 9:4), and express righteous indignation over it all, heart-sick (Ezek. 6:11).

Are you "uptight" when you grieve for somebody you know and love and see they just won't listen to reason and insist on learning the hard way, or actually agree with you but won't change their ways and refuse to straighten up, or are resigned to die in the process or even go to jail?

You should be with your family celebrating the imminent return of your savior!
My family, for the most part, doesn't believe like me and most of them aren't even "religious." They know my beliefs and I leave it at that. They know and/or have copies of my book, Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall.

How can somebody dance on the eve of destruction? Even if we - Bible-believers - know that Yeshua will stop the madness and save mankind from complete annihilation, we find these bittersweet times. Bitter for what is about to happen, sweet knowing we're that much closer to the return of the King to set things right.

Why should you or us, try to influence god's plan? If he is going to allow evil to sprout from Germany to try and destroy good, then why are you interfering?
You can't interfere with God's plan. God's plan is for folks to be WARNED that if they continue living in sin, so to speak, He will permit the German-EU jackboot to stomp us; God's plan is to offer a way out - repentance - or to leave individuals and nations WITHOUT EXCUSE who reject that escape route, and then offer them the good news that divine deliverance will prevent our extinction, even though it will appear all hope is lost. That's what the Two Witnesses will be reassuring our captive audience, so help them God.

Where are the Jews?

Select comments from Israpundit's post
Merkas HaRav: “Annapolis” is to blame.

  1. Just received this from an astute Israeli friend re: Blame Jews for Jerusalem Massacre

    You are precisely on target David.
    The so called Oslo/Annapolis/Sharm “road maps” of sorts and a variety other named of occasion “peace process” is not something one has to suspend but something we must abrogate. That whole cauldron is a sham.
    A war has been declared against the Jewish Nation by the enemies, internal and external and in return we must ELECT a system and people that will adopt a “war process” until the enemies are utterly defeated.
    One makes peace WITH DEFEATED ENEMIES, not with ENEMIES attacking our very lives to destroy us.


    (Shmuel HaLevi is a Jew, Father, Grandfather, Husband, Teacher, “Gaucho”, radio aficionado and Senior Engineer for the U.S. Department of Defense Avionic Programs who was worked on combat aircraft from the F-16 to the B-2 and from the F-15 to the F-117 to the A.V.-8 and A.H.-64, C-17, C.O.H.-58, C-130 and A.T.F. A (seldom used) Consultant for the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Mr. HaLevi is a U.S. D.o.D. Certified Trainer and Graduation Officer for the Israeli Ministry of Education, writer for the University of Tel Aviv Technology Center, Quality Assurance Engineer and patents holder. Presently, Mr. HaLevi serves as the Laboratory equipment technologist supporting key foreign equipment manufacturers. Mr. HaLevi is a veteran Likud Central committee member and founding member of Hashkem Yisrael).

    Comment by David BenAriel — March 8, 2008 @ 4:29 pm

  2. I agree with every word of S. Halevi: My problem is more with you messianincs than with Kahane. Kahane was not a friend to you messianics and viewed you all as a Paganistic threat to the whole Jewish People. Yes his message was to the Jews and he advocated using the messianic Christians as a force in support of a weakend Jewish people . But thats’ it. You want to use us we are willing to use you! But to date except foe a myriad of bloggers who for the most part are mlitant using the blood of Jews to fight their battle in the run up to GOG and MAGOG I don’t see you guys taking on the Muslims in any arena in the World. Why don’t I see a foreign legion of Christian Soldiers volunteering to fight alongside Jews in the war against the evil Islamics. Why don’t I see a couple of million letters and emails going out to evry menmber of congress against 2 state solution, roadmap, anapolis, state Dept.

    giving advanced weapons to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Gulf States etc. Is the arming of Israels enemies with your tax dollars in Your christinian messianic plans for the Jews? How are you all going to kill the Jews in the end times when we don’t convert and accept your god on a stick? Thats what you all believe is it not?

    Comment by yamit82 — March 9, 2008 @ 6:54 am

  3. FYI yamit82, I am not a “Messianic” and I don’t appreciate your offensive stereotypes. I am a Christian Zionist who believes the plain truth of the Bible, as taught by Herbert W. Armstrong, and am very aware of what Kahane thought about Christianity (and share some of his condemnations against it) but chose to focus on what Torah I can learn from him and even made honorable mention of him in my book, Beyond Babylon: Europe’s Rise and Fall.

    Comment by David BenAriel — March 9, 2008 @ 1:58 pm

  4. Furthermore yamit82, instead of questioning where are Christian supporters of Israel and such, Kahane would question WHERE ARE THE JEWS? Why do Jews remain in a self-imposed exile, far away from the Land of Israel, failing to follow Judaism to the Jewish Homeland where they could hasten the redemption - something believed by Jews and Christians.

    And Kahane would condemn the continual election of treacherous people and parties to the Knesset and blast the hypocrisy of the religious Jews who hasten Israel’s demise and woefully neglect the Temple Mount. It’s not only Christians who believe in the “end of days,” and it’s not only Christians who believe whoever doesn’t ultimately accept the King Messiah and His Servant Nation Israel must be destroyed.

    Comment by David BenAriel — March 9, 2008 @ 2:09 pm

  5. David BenAriel —Sorry to upset, I have enough trouble keeping up with the Jews not less The hundreds or thousands of JC denominations sects,cults and all of their subs.

    Is the arming of Israels enemies with your tax dollars in Your christinian messianic plans for the Jews? How are you all going to kill the Jews in the end times when we don’t convert and accept your god on a stick? Thats what you all believe is it not

    ?I asked a question above which you have not answered. Your book aside for the moment what is your belief that that will happen to the Jews in end times? and what is your belief can save the Jews from their horrible fate?

    Is your being Christian Zionist your way of quickening the arrival of those end days and bringing them nearer?

    Comment by yamit82 — March 9, 2008 @ 2:23 pm

  6. Shalom yamit82, I gladly answer your question in Christian Zionists, Jews, and Israel but believe we should stay focused on the purpose of this thread and strive to agree where we can find common holy ground. :-)

    Comment by David BenAriel — March 9, 2008 @ 2:30 pm

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Unclean Christianity vs. Peter's Vision

Unclean traditional Christianity teaches the religious lie that Jesus "did away with" the dietary laws, sinning against both God and man (1 John 2:4; Matt 5:17-20). Don't you believe them! Reject such sloppy swill!

Acts 10:28
Then he said to them, "You know how unlawful it is for a Jewish man to keep company with or go to one of another nation. But God has shown me that I should not call any MAN common or unclean."

God's clean and unclean food laws (Lev. 11 & Deut. 14) are consistent from Genesis to Revelation.

Acts 11 rehearses how God gave Peter a vision THREE TIMES of unclean animals and told him to kill them and eat. Peter said he never ate such food (even years after the resurrection of Yeshua, knowing better) and God told him not to call what He had cleansed common or unclean. THREE MEN were waiting for him to go with them to the spiritually unclean Gentile Cornelius' home where after a sermon, Peter said they were spiritually unclean as far as Jews were concerned, God poured out the Holy Spirit upon them.

Peter - to whom the vision was given - interpreted the vision and said that God had shown him - a new revelation - that he should not call any MAN common or unclean but that God had now accepted the Gentiles who had repented to become part of the household of faith. The same Gentiles that later the Jerusalem Council of Acts 15 instructed about the dietary laws, symbolized by the prohibition against eating blood (as today they're summarized by folks knowing we shouldn't eat pork).

The whole issue of Peter's vision was about SALVATION BEING OPENED TO THE GENTILES (no longer just a rare exception) - not about how we can now pig out on whatever we want! That's the plain truth of the Word of God that I was shocked to learn years ago when my minister patiently went through all this, and other Scriptures, with me.

Acts 10:28
Then he said to them, "You know how unlawful it is for a Jewish man to keep company with or go to one of another nation. But God has shown me that I should not call any MAN common or unclean."

Friday, March 07, 2008

Blame Jews for Jerusalem Massacre

"Annapolis" is to blame.

By Ted Belman

Annapolis must be abrogated and the phasing, in the Roadmap, must be returned to. No final status talks until the end of terrorism and incitement.

In fact Annapolis caused an increase in deaths just as Camp David negotiations did. When the peace process is dormant, and Israel is allowed to operate, fewer people get killed.

A peace agreement can’t be force fed. The more one tries, the more violence occurs. Until all parties want to make peace, there will be no peace. This will only come about when Israel is allowed to defeat, totally, its adversaries. As Daniel Pipes calls it, “utter defeat”.


I don't blame Annapolis (as it is merely a symptom of Israel's spiritual sickness), because Israel has only itself to blame. Why? They chose - in effect - to become an accessory to every Arab terrorist attack against innocent Jewish men, women, children, and babies in strollers...and even against Gentile kibbutz volunteers and tourists. Here's how...

Truth or consequences: Israeli leaders, and the Jewish people, rejected the preventive measures called for by Meir Kahane against such mass murder attacks that Jerusalem has suffered again; Israeli leaders, and the Jewish people, have failed to remove the threat clearly presented by their resident sworn Arab enemies as the Law of Moses commands (Malachi 4:4) and treacherously chose the lying peace process instead, living a lie and dying because of it, suffering the curses for disobedience (Daniel 9:11).

Will the Israelis, will the Jews, repent and confess Kahane was right and act accordingly?

Israel's Betrayal of the Jews

Thoughts on Meir Kahane...

Israel's Only Way Out: Follow Kahane!

For Zion's Sake,

David Ben-Ariel

Kahane Chai! (Kahane Lives)

Kahane Chai! (Kahane lives). The plain truth of the Bible he taught can never die.

Meir Kahane was murdered by another Nazi-Muslim terrorist (who was associated with those involved with the first bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, and due to FBI failure and Clinton's woeful neglect we suffered 9/11).

When Jihad Came to America

Meir Kahane taught US and Israel

If only the United States and Israel would have listened to Meir Kahane, rabbi, former Israeli parliament member, great Jewish patriot, when he called upon us to terrorize the terrorists. Only then could we truly claim to be fighting a war against terrorism with every intention of WINNING it - not engage in endless battles, skirmishes, etc. to benefit the Military Industrial Complex.

We could still hear and heed Meir Kahane's biblical call and wisdom, but will we?

USA Must Have Guts to Terrorize Terrorists
(as appeared in USA Today, February 12, 1987)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Thy Kingdom Come

We still pray "Thy Kingdom Come" and know that the "gifts and calling of God are irrevocable" (God is with the Jews) and that British Israel and Judah will repent and be used as the Servant Nation of God.

At that time, when Yeshua returns - the REAL JESUS - as King of the Jews, King of Israel, and reigns from Jerusalem, the Sabbath-keeping Church of God (presently a spiritual nation, priesthood, etc. composed of converted Jews, Israelites and Gentiles) will have been transformed from human to divine, from flesh and blood to spirit, and reign with but under Yeshua, leading and guiding Israelites and Jews who will lead and guide the nations, as a model nation - just as God has called collective Israel (all Twelve Tribes) to become.

Born Again: The Kingdom of God!

Sneak Preview of the Kingdom of God

Kingdom of God-Beings to Rule Earth from Jerusalem!

Monday, March 03, 2008

The British Royal Family: Scions of King David

The British Royal Family: Scions of King David

The British Royal Family must be reminded of their Hebrew roots and Israelite origins and encouraged to become like King David, "a man after God's own heart." After all, the British Royal Family are King David's scions and continue King David's dynasty!


Israel in the Isles

Joseph isn't Jewish!

Princess Diana, a Dream, and King David's Dynasty

The English-Speaking Nations of White Israelites

German-American Israelites?

Israel and Judah Must Get House in Order Before King Messiah Arrives

Phony Kosovo 'Independence'

Phony Kosovo 'Independence'

by Jared Israel
We are inundated with misinformation about Kosovo 'independence.' Case in point: "Kosovo Declares its Independence from Serbia," in the February 18th New York Times. It should have a warning label: 'This article is harmful to the truth.'


Is Germany in Danger of Backsliding?

Germany Behind the Mask

Germany's Fourth Reich Spreads Its Wings Over the World

Will The Atlantic Times address the German threat?

Bavarian Pope Entrusts Germany to Lead Europe, Others Wary of Grand Inquisitor

The Intelligence Summit Misses the Mark: the German-Jesuit Threat to World Peace