Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Israel Today

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Israel fears new Palestinian 'intifada' as Jerusalem clashes continue
Arab riots in Jerusalem escalate after incitement by Palestinian Authority and local Muslim leaders more»

Christians flock to Israel for Feast of Tabernacles, join Jerusalem March
Thousands of Christian pilgrims flood Jerusalem to mark biblical festival, march with Israelis through the capital more»

Palestinian children told they must slaughter all Jews
Popular Palestinian television program teaches kids that peace can only be achieved by killing all the Jews more»

IAEA head tries to take focus off Iran by calling out Israeli nukes
Outgoing IAEA chief says Iran probably doesn't have nukes, but that alleged Israeli nukes are a threat to whole region more»

Ahmadinejad is not Jewish, says expert
Israeli expert on Iranian Jewish community says report claiming Ahmadinejad's original surname is Jewish is false speculation more»


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