Monday, August 13, 2007

Two-Pronged Dialectic in the Middle East Forges Global State

Two-Pronged Dialectic in the Middle East Forges Global State

August 9th, 2007

One might use the title, ‘Power blocs at Play” for a discussion of the controlled attrition and apocalyptic threats in the Middle East. And indeed there are three main power blocs, — Oceania, Europe, and Eurasia – that generate and direct the friction. But the term and concept of power blocs in dialectical conflict may obscure the unifying principle, the goal they share: a socialist world state ruled by “a High Priest of Humanity” (A. Comte) heading the “World Council” (HG Wells) of a “World Religion…the true universal church” whose “hierarchy of sociologians” will bring on “the full ascendancy of women…a feminine utopia” in which all people, bereft of individuality are “the offspring of a spouseless mother” (Comte, the link between sociology and the “welfare state” was there from the start); a world state in which there is a “toleration of birth control and formal disregard of marriage” and “education no longer geared to preservation of a tradition” but, rather “propaganda for attainingand maintaining world socialism” (Wells, The Shape of Things to Come, 1933) that buries the idea of human freedom and individual personality and thought (B.F. Skinner, Science and Behavior, 1953, and Comte, System of Positive Polity, 1854).

This model complements the evolving new world order of theosophy and Helena Blavatsky’s occult successor, Alice Bailey of the Lucifer (now Lucis) Trust. This gnostic cult and all three blocs working toward the socialist global synthesis of migrating human capital (chattel) share an intense hatred for Jews and Judaism, the down-to-earth code of ordered liberty and national sovereignty rooted in recognition of and gratitude for the Creator’s plan for life abundant, — especially human life. Read the rest of this entry »


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