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Killing Me Softly With His Gun


Once there were three primary protest groups in Israel. There was The Yesha Council, which was nothing more than a tool of the government. Those who know my writing will recall Council head Benzi Liberman testifying at the trial of Avigdor Lieberman that he worked with the police to keep protesters far from Gush Katif. And who will ever forget his partner Pinchas Wallerstein ordering protesters to sap their energy by sleeping outside the Knesset in tents in the midst of Jerusalem's January snowstorms?

Then there was Zo Artzeinu, which gathered tens of thousands of protesters to block roads in the late '90s. Then magically, its leader woke up one morning and told his adherents to stop the actions and join the thoroughly corrupt Likud Party. Of course, maybe 1,500 actually took his advice and Feiglin himself was prevented from ever actually sitting in the Knesset. The big boys, Binyamin Netanyahu included, had enough dirt on him to get him to betray his followers.

And that left just one, The Women In Green, which had only enough appeal to, at its best gather, perhaps, a couple of hundred activists to its events. But it was NOT a tool of the rotten governing forces deliberately destroying the country. And today, they are the only protest group left in the land.

For years I have written its leader, Nadia Matar, and begged her to quit wasting her time demonstrating against Israel's crooked leaders and instead, make any representative of the Council On Foreign Relations afraid for their lives to come to Jerusalem and further corrupt Israel's mafia rulers. On Wednesday, Sept. 19, she finally cooked up a march against the CFR's Condeleeza Rice, who showed up at Ehud Olmert's Sugar Shack for Din-Din.


Nadia had a nasty message that simply ruined Condi's meal: "The Prime Minister and Condoleezza Rice are planning, in a secret manner, to give away Judea, Samaria and the Temple Mount and the establishment a Palestinian Nazi State there," Matar told Israel National TV. "The public has learned that we were much too delicate last time. We will not allow it this time. We will not obey and we will not stand down in the face of this treachery."

Now nobody interferes with the culinary etiquette of Condoleeza. Her digestive juices are much too delicate for that. So after the meal, and following a mild, peaceable protest with barely 100 participants, the enraged Ehud sent in his police dogs and arrested Nadia. And brutally at that. The photographer for my book, Bye Bye Gaza, Gemma Blech, photographed the atrocity. Write her at and ask for shots of the after-dinner arrest soiree.

Nadia still doesn't know the brutal facts even after the near massacre at Amona, the two dozen suspicious deaths of Yesha rabbis and political leaders, the testimonies against the mad dog police by the likes of Yedidya Weinberg and many others. In fact, she doesn't even recognize my story of exposing Sharon's "stroke" after drinking tea with Shimon, Ugh, Feh, Peres and being taken to the hospital by the bodyguard, Yoram Rubin, the same Rubin who murdered Yitzhak Rabin. After convincing over half of Israel's Jews of the facts of the Rabin coup, someone didn't want me inspecting Sharon's demise too closely. Right after Sharon's stroke, I had mine. I survived, so one night I was invited to a party in a remote location where a rent-a-car almost killed me. And the police wouldn't release my file to me, my lawyer or my insurance company. It has had devastating effects on my family, but I ran from Israel to save my life.

I was on a hit list and wouldn't survive much longer in Israel. And now, so is Nadia Matar. She ruined Condi's meal. And Condi's organization has plans for the Middle East and they kill anyone who gets in their way.

The same CFR waging war on Judaism is destroying Iraq and Afghanistan and are now eyeing Iran. And if anybody dares to see too much and start talking...kaboom. The Arizona Cardinals lost their lineman Pat Tillman. He was placed on the permanent injury list after being fragged by US officers afraid he would lead an anti-war campaign. Three shots to the head from ten feet away! He was executed once while standing, while the two coup de grace shots took place while he was on the ground, already dead.

Seven soldiers serving in Iraq wrote and signed a NY Times op-ed against the war they were fighting. That was in August. By September, two were dead in a truck accident, while a third suffered a nasty wound to the head.

The CFR is mad, mad, mad. And Nadia ruined Condi's dinner in Jerusalem. Her followers must guard her against car crashes, diseases, sudden suicides, opportune terrorism, whatever will look like an accident. For her courage, she is now on the list.

Welcome aboard!


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ARRESTED! Crime: Love of Land of Israel
by Nadia Matar

At the end of our Women in Green vigil, when most people had already gone home, I stayed with some 15 friends and activists who were going to help Anita and myself put back the placards and the flags into my car. Starting to walk to my car, friends saw policemen coming closer and closer to me. They immediately realized the police was trying to get me but were waiting for the supporters to leave. I am still moved to tears thinking about those wonderful friends who immediately surrounded me to protect me and said: we are not leaving before we make sure you are OK. A heavyset policeman told me: Nadia, I demand you join me at the police station. I asked him why: What did I do wrong? He answered: That we will discuss later. I order you to come with me to the police station, otherwise we will take you by force. I told him I wanted to call a lawyer to discuss what my rights are.


JERUSALEM -- An Israeli opposition group has charged that the
government seeks to prevent peaceful protests against plans to withdraw from the
West Bank.

An attorney for a Jewish anti-government activist said the Israel
Security Agency, responsible for domestic intelligence, has been
targeting right-wing protesters in an attempt to halt demonstrations against
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. ISA and the police were said to be working
together to monitor and arrest organizers of protests against government plans to
withdraw from the West Bank.


· Steve Rodan reported in Dec. 1994 a conversation
with Yossi Beilin. He asked Beilin what security guarantees
he was offering the settlers. Beilin said: "Look.
The IDF is going to pull out. The PLO will come in.
They will carry out their operation and we will not interfere."

· Leaders of YESHA Council met with Rabin in April 1995
and asked him much the same question.
They reported, and it was in the papers, that he replied:
"The IDF will leave. The PLO will come in.
And I promise we will do our best to take care of the wounded."

· Peres was even more blunt.
During the election campaign in the spring of 1996,
he was in Gush Katif. He and his entourage learned
that since Oslo, the Jewish population of Gaza
had increased by more than 15%.
His people were taken aback because they expected
the Jews to leave. Peres is quoted by Zvi Hendel as saying,
"A few good massacres and they will leave."

( Yedidya Weinberg, a young activist, has accused policemen of beating him while he was in police custody. Weinberg was arrested shortly after reaching the ruins of Homesh in the northern Shomron. According to Weinberg, when he refused to identify himself in the Ariel police station, police threw him to the floor, stepped on his head and knees, and threatened to break his fingers.

Weinberg was later taken before a judge, who ruled that he should never have been arrested. Traveling to Homesh is not a crime, the judge said, basing his verdict on earlier rulings.

Witness of Yedidia Weinberger - 7 Tishrei 5768
"At 7am we were near Homesh when border guards arrived and captured us. They put us into jeeps. They said for each of us to take off his packback, and they tried to burn and cut the backpacks' straps. In the end they didn't succeed and took us as we were. They never presented an order that the area was a "Closed Military Zone". They didn't inform about delays or arrest. (They reported that the arrest was at 8 and they had all day to take us to court and they didn't do this.)

We were taken to the police station in Ariel. In the station they wanted to photograph us. We refused to be identified or to be photographed and we requested that they show us proof that it is permissible for them to photograph or take fingerprints. I hid my face with my hat. Three or four policement threw me on the ground. And a borderguard watched us. One of their names was Gil Deshe and the name of another policeman was Tzvi Gelder they began to hit me. They stomped on my head with their knees and their shoes. They bent my hand backwards, the borderguard choked me and in the end succeeded to photograph me with the borderguard choking me and my hand being pulled down backwards.

"At this same time there was present Yehudit Ben Gal, an investigator who investigated me. At first she was inside the room, then she left and heard me yell at them to stop hitting me. Then they tried to take fingerprints which had nothing to do with the investigation.
Then they took us to a testing instrument to find out if we were on the list (a "touch-morph" or something like that).

I refused to give fingerprints. They bent my left hand, the investigator bent my finger and threatened to break it. He didn't have an ID tag and wore a triko shirt. Finally they succeeded to take my fingerprints by force. Afterwards they searched my backpack and put us into a holding cell. They suggested that we would be released if we agreed to some conditions and we refused. They took us to investigation with Yehudit Ben Gal. In the investigation I didn't want to say anything how could I rely on an investigator who witnessed the violence perpetrated on me and didn't react. How could I talk after being beaten and I stuck by the right to be silent.

"And then they put me into a cell. We were held one night. Only in the morning did we go before a judge. In court they said we trespassed on the law of the "Hitnatkut" [Disengagement] and the "Closed Military Zone". The Judge cut them off and screamed at the complaintants: "How is it that you bring here prisoners when the "Law of Hitnatkut" is not any more in effect and has no bearing? And as for a "Closed Military Zone" you have not produced here any Order for a Closed Military Zone.

"You have not produced any maps showing that they were arrested at all in Homesh (and indeed they were arrested in Bakra). And even if they were in Homesh how are YOU able to be there as the army said it had "Hitnatak" (cut-off) from there, so how can it be a "Closed Military Area"? Analysis of the attributes of this law is needed." He accused the police of false arrest and accused the police for not bringing the prisoners there a day beforehand.

"I want to add that they wanted to impose upon us limiting conditions, and get photos and our fingerprints. They wanted to photograph me again because the first time borderguard who was choking me was in the picture and they wanted to replace it.

"I'm stunned that the border guards who took us from the field were more respectful of us than the police at the station under working conditions in spite of the fact that we didn't trespass on any law."

"It is important that the public know that the police in Israel infringe on the law and beat people in secret. They have no real right to prevent people from dwelling in Eretz Yisrael and return to the homes they lived in before the expulsion."
[end of article]


"On April 19, 2007, the New York Times carried an Op Ed piece titled "The War As We Saw It" written by 7 troops who are (were) in Iraq serving in our military.
These 7 guys told the whole truth and nothing but the truth about what was really going on in Iraq. It was negative against what our leaders and talking heads are peddling to us.
Anyway, now 2 (OMAR MORA, YANCE T. GRAY) of those 7 have been killed in Iraq and a third (JEREMY A. MURPHY ) has a critical, life threatening injury. I cannot calculate the statistical odds of 3 out of 7 meeting such a fate, but it is astronomical. So astronomical that a normal person who ask in their mind, could they have been hit to retaliate for that New York Times Op Ed piece."

The War As We Saw It
By Buddhika Jayamaha, Wesley D. Smith, Jeremy Roebuck, Omar Mora, Edward Sandmeier, Yance T. Gray and Jeremy A. Murphy
The New York Times
Sunday 19 August 2007
Viewed from Iraq at the tail end of a 15-month deployment, the political debate in Washington is indeed surreal. Counterinsurgency is, by definition, a competition between insurgents and counterinsurgents for the control and support of a population. To believe that Americans, with an occupying force that long ago outlived its reluctant welcome, can win over a recalcitrant local population and win this counterinsurgency is far-fetched. As responsible infantrymen and noncommissioned officers with the 82nd Airborne Division soon heading back home, we are skeptical of recent press coverage portraying the conflict as increasingly manageable and feel it has neglected the mounting civil, political and social unrest we see every day. (Obviously, these are our personal views and should not be seen as official within our chain of command.)

(AP) The mother of an Army sergeant who died in a Baghdad vehicle accident weeks after writing a New York Times op-ed critical of the Pentagon's positive assessment of the Iraq war said Wednesday she wants the Army to explain his death.

"I want to know all the details of how he died. I want to know the truth," said Olga Capetillo, whose 28-year-old son, Sgt. Omar Mora, died Monday. "I don't understand how so many people could die in that accident. How could it be so bad?"

One article which reported that the parents of both dead soldiers suspected murder, disappeared in a day. Try to find:


July 26: "Army medical examiners were suspicious about the close proximity of the three bullet holes in Pat Tillman's forehead and tried without success to get authorities to investigate whether the former NFL player's death amounted to a crime, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press... The doctors- whose names were blacked out- said that the bullet holes were so close together that it appeared the Army Ranger was cut down by an M-16 fired from a mere 10 yards or so away. The documents show that a doctor who autopsied Tillman's body was suspicious of the three gunshot wounds to the forehead. The doctor said he took the unusual step of calling the Army's Human Resources Command and was rebuffed. He then asked an official at the Army's Criminal Investigation Division if the CID would consider opening a criminal case. 'He said he talked to his higher headquarters and they had said no,' the doctor testified.
"Army attorneys sent each other congratulatory e-mails for keeping criminal investigators at bay as the Army conducted an internal friendly-fire investigation that resulted in administrative, or non-criminal, punishments.
"The three-star general who kept the truth about Tillman's death from his family and the public told investigators some 70 times that he had a bad memory and couldn't recall details of his actions.
"Also according to the documents, investigators pressed officers and soldiers on a question Mrs. Tillman has been asking all along. 'Have you, at any time since this incident occurred back on April 22, 2004, have you ever received any information even rumor that Cpl. Tillman was killed by anybody within his own unit intentionally?' an investigator asked then-Capt. Richard Scott..." (story)


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Yitzhak Rabin was sacrificed by the Israeli oligarchy for their German-Jesuit masters intent on occupying Jerusalem.

Shimon Peres Came to Power Over Rabin's Dead Body

Vatican Linked to the Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin

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